The New War


The New War is the latest, long awaited, content that has arrived on Warframe.  If you've been eagerly awaiting to see the next leg of the story, here it is.  If you are really into the story and lore, you will not be disappointed in what happens.  

I will not give any spoilers, as usual, but more of a summation of what to expect from playing this story.

In order to play this story, you will have to have Prelude to War completed in your codex.  Luckily, it's short so you can get it done in no time if you have yet to play it.  Two other things you must have are a Necramech and a Railjack.  The story is unplayable without these.  Be sure to check out my Heart of Deimos guide and Getting Your Railjack guide for assistance!

PLEASE NOTE: This story will take you a while to finish.  It took me about 4 hours to complete, so it might take you more or less than that.  It will definitely take you more than 2 hours.  Luckily, as long as you hit "progress" points, it will pick up where you left off.  I was able to test this with the patches that got deployed.  You will also have 0 access to anything you would use as if you were playing normally.  So bring things that you are comfortable playing with when starting this story.

Last two things I want to mention and get out of the way: new "struggle" action (mine was bound by default with M4 which is my melee button) and there are some new display options for extra lighting and shadowing effects.  These graphical additions were enabled by default for me, so if you are running on a system that struggles as is, you might want to disable these.  

There is a new type of security hack, but I will let you figure it out.  I'm hoping we get more content that involves it because it was pretty fun to do.

The rewards from completing this story are pretty sweet.  A total of 9 items: 1 amp, 1 amp skin, 2 weapons, 2 boosters, 2 decorations, and a new scene. 

This is it for this part of the new content.  I would post way more information, but I don't want to give away spoilers.  Just be prepared for a lot of things to come to the surface and some puzzle thinking.

Narmer Bounties

So, you've completed The New War and are looking for those sweet new weapons and Warframe.  In order to get these beautiful items, you will need to head to the Plains of Eidolon during the day cycle and Orb Vallis during the Plains of Eidolon's night cycle.  Best way to access these are to head to Cetus/Fortuna and accept the Narmer bounty (Konzu and Eudico as usual for bounties). 

Weapons and Warframe

Lastly is the introduction of the latest Warframe to join the ranks, as well as weapons.  You can buy the basic blueprints in the market, but you will have to gather the rest of Caliban from Narmer Bounties.  As for the Archon weapons, those parts drop in the Narmer Bounties OR purchased from the Market.  I'm sure you are itching to get ahold of these!

Caliban Warframe

Nepheri- Melee - Daggers

Verdilac- Melee - Whip

Korumm- Melee- Trident

Venato - Melee - Scythe

Nataruk - Primary - Bow

Rumblejack - Secondary - Jolter