The Hunger Collection


A quick collection to complete with the reward of a Mastery Point, The Hunger can be done within 10 minutes (depending on the final step).  You might have come across the beginning of this collection while working on Luminiferous or while just exploring.  Upon interacting with Bright Shore, the collection becomes unlocked.

Since this collection wholly depends on getting 1 part at a time, I'll go in order for the collection.

NOTE:  Once you get an item, you MUST return to Bright Shore in order to advance this collection.  This means you get to travel back and forth a LOT.  Thankfully, this collection stays in the map so not much is wasted for travel expenses if any!


The beginning of the collection


Imported Blood Orange

You can purchase this from Anette Eymundrdottir over in Jora's Keep.  This NPC is the Karma merchant that you work with while making your 32 slot bag. Be prepared to spend some karma and some Eternal Ice Shards for this (3,115 karma and 150 eternal ice shards to be exact).


Rabbit Meat Chunk

This is something really easy to get.  The description indicates that these only work on the ambient rabbits in Frozen Pass, but I was able to get it from a rabbit right outside the Aberrant Forest (where this collection is based in).


Deer Meat Hunk

Just like the previous step, all you have to do is kill an ambient deer anywhere in the map.  This was in the same area I got the rabbit part.


Bear Flank

For this one, you might have to wander over to the northeast corner of the map.  The Fallen Mountains or Svanir Plateau seem to house a decent amount of Arctodus, with the one I found right outside a camp.  


Aberrant Warg Meat Chunk

I don't know if I got lucky with this one or not, but there was a Veteran Aberrant Warg right outside the hut that Bright Shore is sitting in.  I do know that there are a lot of Aberrant Wargs in the southern part of the Aberrant Forest, even more if they are a part of an event.

Boneskinner Flank

This part will either go super fast or super slow for you.  The champion Boneskinner that pops an event in the Aberrant Forest is what counts as the conclusion of this collection.  Slay the Boneskinner and deliver the flank to Bright Shore.

Once you've completed that last step, you'll have the collection complete and another Mastery Point unlocked.