32 Slot Bag - Crafted


Want to increase your inventory bag space?  Without having to drop gems in the store, of course.  I'm talking about an ascended, 32 slot bag that is relatively cheap to make.  It will take some time to get there, but it's worth it.  Let's get into it. 

32 slot bag vs 20 slot bag

First and foremost, you will need to have at least 2 crafting professions at level 500 (weaponsmith, artificer, and/or huntsman).  You will also need to have Bjora Marches opened in order to purchase the recipes from the NPC.  In order to gain access to Bjora Marches, spend the whole 5 minutes completing the Whisper in the Dark story in The Icebrood Saga Living Story.  Upon completion, you are left right where you need to be for the rest of this guide.

The recipe I'll be going over today is the Reinforced Boreal Trunk.  I know, there are like a dozen others out there, but this one costs less to build.  In fact, the only "real" ouch part is the Supreme Rune of Holding purchase unless you are great at the Sandstorm game.  Best part of this is that you can build them up slowly, so in between saving up gold and/or the materials, you can use them!

Anette Eymundrdottir Karma Vendor NPC

Great, so you managed to get Bjora Marches opened and have 2 crafting professions at level 500.  Next up is crafting the weapons found from Anette Eymundrdottir, a karma vendor right next to the Jora's Keep Waypoint [&BCcMAAA=].  From here, you need to pick the various crafting recipes to complete the collection Master of the Ancestral Forge.  Sure, you can just unlock the skins of the weapons, but the collection doesn't count those.  You need to actually CRAFT the weapons (confused me at first too, don't worry).  I was able to get the Gift of the Ancestors 32 slot bag recipe with all but 3 weapons crafted.  If you want those last 50 Eternal Ice Shards and the title, by all means craft away!


Master of the Ancestral Forge Collection

NOTE: When talking to the NPC, BE SURE to be in the 3rd tab down to purchase the RECIPES.  The 2nd tab down is just the weapons already done.  These don't count.  

Crafting the Inventory Bags:

Simple Boreal Canteen

 Simple Boreal Canteen

  • 5 Eitrite Ingots
  • 5 Eternal Ice Shards
  • 1 Superior Rune of Holding (10g from vendor)
Sturdy Boreal Duffel

Sturdy Boreal Duffel
  • 10 Eitrite Ingots
  • 10 Eternal Ice Shards 
  • 1 Supreme Rune of Holding
  • 2 Simple Boreal Canteens (you get 1 by doing the collection, so woohoo!)
Hardened Boreal Barrel


Hardened Boreal Barrel

  • 20 Eitrite Ingots
  • 20 Eternal Ice Shards
  • 3 Supreme Runes of Holding
  • 1 Sturdy Boreal Duffel
Reinforced Boreal Trunk

Reinforced Boreal Trunk

  • 40 Eitrite Ingots
  • 40 Eternal Ice Shards
  • 8 Supreme Runes of Holding
  • 1 Hardened Boreal Barrel

 Once you get all done crafting, you are rewarded with a shiny, new 32 slot bag! It is a little bit of a gold sink, but in the end it's worth it.  Especially for those long, farming sessions.