Jade Shadows


Jade Shadows has arrived!  There's some really fun things waiting for us, such as the newest Warframe, a pretty good story with the Stalker in the Jade Shadows quest, a clan operation, and a new game mode: Ascension.  No point in waiting any longer, let's get into this!

Jade is the 57th Warframe (wow that is a lot of Warframes) to join us in the never ending fight of a lifetime.  If you are wanting to get your hands on this one yourself, you need to complete the latest quest Jade Shadows.  Thankfully, this quest is shorter than ones in the recent past.  It took me around 35 minutes to do, but if you're really into exploring I can see it taking way longer.  

Completed quest

Just like Dante and a few others, there is a new "currency" that you will need to farm in order to acquire the other parts for Jade.  Once you complete Jade Shadows, you are awarded with the main blueprint and have to farm out the rest.  Thankfully, the parts do have a drop rate, though kind of abysmal in the rate department.  If you're lucky, the parts will drop while you are gathering the Vestigial Motes, leaving you the extra for either Arcanes or the new weapon blueprints.  The latest game mode, Ascension, can be found over at Brutus, Uranus.  Much like a few other nodes in the past, this one sticks around post the clan operation.  

NOTE:  This node allows you to actually play the Stalker!  Speak to Ordis and select A Shared Purpose? from the window.  You'll be teleported to a group as the Stalker.  Pretty cool!

Shiny new Warframe: Jade

To build Jade, you will need:

  • 45000 credits
  • 600 alloy plate
  • 4000 nano spores
  • 2100 plastids
  • 6 morphics
  • 1000 circuits
  • 750 polymer bundles
  • 3 neural sensors
  • 4 neurodes
  • 600 ferrite
  • 1100 rubedo
  • 10 control modules
  • 3 orokin cells

If you are wanting to acquire a second Jade blueprint, it costs 450 Vestigial Motes.  Meanwhile, the chassis, neuroptics, and systems each cost 150 Vestigial Motes.  Visiting Ordis over on Larunda Relay (Mercury) will be your shopping destination.

Ascension is the latest mission type to join the system.  Best description for this is a Defense/Escort mixed with Excavation.  Sounds a little weird, I know, but hear me out.  You are tasked with a Defense first, then Escort to the platform, then a Defense on the platform, then finally another Escort.  During the second Defense, the platform will ascend for a good bit of time.  While this is going on, you are tasked with finding Ionic Charges and tossing them at the Extraction Capsule (the target you are defending).  This is where the mechanic from Excavation comes into play.  You can pick up the Ionic Charges and either drop them on the platform OR you can toss them to the platform.  As the battery for the elevator depletes, simply tossing one of the Ionic Charges to the defense target recharges it.  If you pay close enough attention, you'll notice 2 types of these Ionic Charges.  Both do the same thing, but the larger one is named Boosted Ionic Charge and it speeds up the elevator for about 10 seconds.  

Left one provides speed boost while the one on the right is from enemies

Don't fret if the Extraction Capsule runs out of shields during that last escort section.  It'll stop to recharge, turning into a mini Defense for the x amount of time.

Bonus tip: Try to find the Sister beacons.  In total, there are 3 per mission.  When you find all 3 of them, you have a chance to fight a random Sister of Parvos at the top of the elevator.  The drop is some type of Arcane, along with Volatile Motes for the duration of the Operation: Belly of the Beast.

Brutus, Uranus - currently hosting the Clan Operation: Belly of the Beast

Along with the new mission type, there is a new enemy type: Jade Light Eximus.  These enemies are seen easily from a distance because they are shrouded in a green hue.  One of the abilities these particular Eximus have is to summon a green orb that procs heat with it's laser.  Don't be caught with a bunch of these around you, they hurt a lot.  You can either destroy the green orbs themselves or the Eximus that summoned them.  

Hard to miss these new Eximus enemies!

New weapons come with this update!  We get Evensong bow (primary), Cantare throwing knives (secondary), and the Harmony scythe (melee).  You can acquire each one of these via the Ascension mission or via Ordis over on Larunda Relay, Mercury.  Each one costs 300 Vestigial Motes if RNG dislikes you. 

New weapons, along with everything else Ordis is providing