Heart of Deimos

Heart of Deimos is the latest content that has come to Warframe and man, it is great.  We had Earth with the Grineer for open world, then came the Corpus over on Venus, now we have Deimos with the Infested.  It's got a lot of stuff to do, so let's break it down!

First thing to make notice is that before you can interact with any of the NPCs, you need to finish the quest.  It doesn't take long and it's actually pretty entertaining to do.  If you don't know where to get the quest, default location is on your orbiter.  Once obtained, get that story over and done with!  Trust me, it'll be relatively painless.

Got it done?  Great!  You're probably wondering how to get things in this place and I'm here to help.  First thing to do is get some bounties under your belt, which are given by Mother.  You honestly should know who she is by now.  Go complete a few, then head over to Grandmother to exchange them for standing.  The best way to get there is to fast travel.  If you like RP walking around though, go ahead :) 

Get those bounties done! There are plenty to do.

Just like Venus and Earth, it takes some time to get the max standing on Deimos.  Trust me when I tell you that it can take you about a week to max it out.  Just do bounties from Mother, exchange the tokens for standing.  There are other people who have done the multiple token exchange for the greater Grandmother tokens, but honestly I find it a bit more tedious.  Seriously, just do a bunch of Mother bounties, get the tokens, do the exchange.  Save those other tokens for the items you need for actual ranking of your standing.  


If you are looking for the Necramech to build, you need to visit Loid.  This is the equivalent of Little Duck on Fortuna and the Quills on Cetus.  Thankfully it doesn't take long to get maxed out here, but if your RNG sucks like mine does, it can take you a bit of time gathering those items.  There are currently only 3 levels, so easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy.  Doing the Isolation Vault bounties from Mother can help you gather the various matrices needed to rank up with Loid.  Once you have all the parts, you will need to build them via your foundry.  


Probably one of the most anticipated parts of this entire update was the introduction of the Helminth.  In order to get this sucker on your orbiter, you need to hit Rank 3 for Entrati standing AND purchase the segment from Son.  Once you get it, congrats!  You will be looking to grind all of the basic Warframes until you run out of ideas :)  To get some basics out of the way, you can get a few from the Dojo and from Cephalon Simaris.  Other than that, the grind starts.  As of right now, there are a max level of 10 ranks for your Helminth.  In order to rank it, you need to feed it various items, green arrows indicating higher preference.  You will also need to infuse some of the abilities into your Warframes, as well as subsume you basic Warframes.  Doing all 3 of these will ensure you rank your Helminth in no time.  

As you can see, one ability from a subsumed Warframe will become available for all other Warframes.  To check the list, look below in the References section - Helminth.  When a Warframe has been fully subsumed, it leaves behind a flower.  There are sooo many combos that can be done to any of your Warframes.  In order to infuse an ability, you will need to feed the Helminth a selection of things.  Don't worry, it tells you.  Depending on what you have out wandering your orbiter, the Helminth can/will interact with it.

My Helminth kissing my Kavat

Fishing, Mining, Transportation, and Time of Day

A few things worth mentioning here on this planet are basics that should be known.  Let's start off with the fishing.  In case you haven't noticed, the fish on Deimos are a little strange.  The water, too.  See, you can stand on the gelatinous water and the fish start out underneath it.  They eventually float up into the air.  You will need to invest in the fishing spear that Daughter has in order to hit them underneath the gel as well as not spooking them.  

Floating fish, literally

The mining is a bit...different...here.  If anything, it can be more work to find the nodes.  There are obviously 2 types: yellow and teal.  These things appear on the various tendril growths found throughout the land.  Best way to find them is to pull out the drill and not look at the ground.  Most of the time I have to do circles around the area, looking for them.  Best of luck to you!

Teal node

If you have yet to get yourself a K-drive, don't worry.  There are Velocipods throughout the land.  These things look like some weird bug creature which you can mount when close.  You can also tranquilize them for tags.  MORE FLOOFS!


If you are wondering about the time of day here on Deimos, it's told by the Vome and the Fass fight between brother and sister.  These giant snake-like creatures can be seen on opposite sides, out of reach by players.  During the phases, things appear differently:
  • -Vome
    • -Decreased enemies and more docile unless provoked
    • -Fass residue found throughout the land
    • -Active Necramechs fighting enemies and roaming
    • -Player health slowly regenerates inside Vome residue areas (Fass killed her)
    • -Cycle lasts for 50 minutes
    • -Different fish spawn
  • -Fass
    • -Increased enemies and aggression
    • -Vome residue found throughout the land
    • -Deactivated Necramechs (transference allows a player to pilot them)
    • -Player speed is slower when inside Fass residue areas (Vome killed him)
    • -Cycle lasts for 100 minutes
    • -Different fish spawn
Hold the M key to see when the cycle changes

Weapons and Warframe

Lastly is the introduction of the latest Warframe to join the ranks, as well as weapons.  I'm just going to post the name and pictures of them.  I'm sure you will get to the point of obtaining these at some point :)

Xaku Warframe

Quassus - Melee - Warfan
Keratinos - Melee - Claws
Sepulcrum - Secondary - Pistol
Trumna - Primary - Rifle
Zymos - Secondary - Pistol
Cortege - Archgun