Abyss of Dagath

The Abyss of Dagath has arrived just in time for Halloween!  There's a TON of updates in this, including a decent amount of quality of life (QoL) changes.  Let's take a look!

First and foremost, Dagath is the 54th Warframe to come into existence for us Tenno.  She has a signature look to her, being based off the Headless Horseman story.   Luckily, she isn't too much of a farm like some of the predecessors.  In order to get your hands on Dagath, you'll have to be a part of a clan because you need to access the dojo.  A new room can be built inside the dojo: Dagath's Hollow.  You can build this with:

  • 1,000 credits
  • 500 alloy plate
  • 200 circuit
  • 100 cryotic
  • 1 forma

It'll take a total of 24 hours to complete, unless you rush it.  Once the room is built, you can enter it and instantly gain access to Grandmother's story about Dagath (a sad tale), Dagath's warframe parts, and tending to your Kaithe (can make cosmetic adjustments).   

Dagath's death box and Kaithe in this room

Once you've managed to build the room, you can purchase Dagath parts without having to do any kind of research on them (not like other things in the dojo).  It will cost a total of 70,000 credits just for her parts.  In order to build her, you'll need:

  • 102 Vainthorn
  • 1,500 salvage
  • 4 morphics
  • 2 argon crystals
  • 3 neurodes
  • 3 neural sensors
  • 2,000 alloy plate
  • 5 control modules
  • 4 gallium
  • 1,000 circuits
  • 3 orokin cells

Most of these resources should be easy to acquire.  The new resource introduced with this update are Vainthorns.  In order to get these, you'll need to spend some time doing Abyssal Zone missions.  

Abyssal Zones are something familiar yet different.  If you're familiar with Orokin Vault missions, then you'll know what I'm about to say (maybe).  In these missions, you'll be tasked with exterminating a specified number of enemies.  You have to either locate a friendly (marked on your map with a blue icon) or just happen to come across a Defixio.  Let me explain.  

Any Syndicate offers this for 5,000 standing

If you ignored the in game mail, Lotus will notify you that the Syndicates need your help for a mission.  It doesn't matter what Syndicate you choose.  You'll have to spend 5,000 standing for the acquisition of an Abyssal Beacon.  Once you have it (doesn't have to be equipped in your gear wheel), you'll see a node pop up on Ceres named Abyssal Zone.  If you have more than 1 beacon, it'll tell you the amount you own in [x] when looking at the planet. 

As long as you purchased an Abyssal Beacon, you should see the Abyssal Zone

When you go into the mission, you'll have to find Syndicate friendlies.  Speaking to them will show you an area to investigate for a Defixio.  A Defixio is a relic that inflicts negative things on your warframe, much like the dragon keys for Orokin Vaults.  Once you pick up the Defixio, you have a status affecting you.  These can be complete shield removal to ammo drain.  Dropping the Defixio removes the status.  Don't worry, dropping it doesn't make it disappear.  You can actually come across several Defixios in a mission.  

Defixio object

A Defixio makes a strange sound.  Best description is like a forced whisper of someone screaming.  Once you hear it, you'll understand.  There is also a red hue around the relic, so that can help. Delivering the Defixio to the extraction is important.  Depending on how many players are in the mission determines how many Defixios need to be deposited.  It doesn't matter who deposits what.  If 4 people are in the mission, 4 Defixios need deposited.  If 2 people are super lucky/fast, they can get all 4 and the group can extract.  Please note that it doesn't matter if you deposit more than required Defixios.  It will not give you more Vainthorns.  I tried.

Hydroid got some attention in this update.  I'm not going to go into the details of it, but to me it felt like an overall good update.  If you want to know more, check the update link down in the references below.  Seriously, they reworked all of his abilities, including augmented mods and completely changed his 3rd ability. 

Kahl's Garrison got a little bit of QoL this round.  If you're like me and use Kahl's weekly mission for an easy archon shard acquisition, you'll be happy to hear that there's been some really nice changes.  Most important change is that Kahl moves faster, both walk and run.  If you come across a fallen body, chances are it'll have a weapon.  You can switch the weapon however many times you wish, but at least there is some variety to what you pew pew with.  These show up on the map with an orange icon.

The orange icon on the map, circled in red, is what you're looking for to find weapons.

Another QoL for Kahl's Garrison is the added stock.  What use to happen was each week, you would do the mission and complete up to 6 challenges.  The more challenges you completed, the more stock you got.  Now, in addition to those, you can find stock in the wild during the mission.  You can keep doing this WAY past the completion of all 6 challenges as well, meaning you can grind out the stock needed for that sweet archon shard.  

Red circles: Wild stock can be seen as a blue box. Blue icon on map indicates where.

Grendel Prime arrived with this update.  Get to those relics (or purchase, either or). 

Finally, we got introduced to the first part of the companion rework.  I'll be updating my companion guide (https://www.cheshiregaming.com/2019/09/i-choose-you-companions-sentinels-and.html) to reflect these changes.  If you want to know more about this, check the update link below.