Getting a Skyscale Mount - Version 2.0


If you've been on the fence about getting a Skyscale mount or have been holding out for another way of acquiring one, look no further.  With the release of Secrets of the Obscure, you can get a Skyscale mount in a different way.  Let's get into it.

This mount deals with collections, much like the previous Skyscale mount (version 1.0).  In order to kick this off, you'll need Secrets of the Obscure.  Much like PoF mounts, this is accessible when you start training the Flight Training track in the Mastery Rank tab of your Hero panel.  Once you've got that, you'll get a message via in-game mail from Skyscale Trainer Dyanne.  Please note that this happens whether you have a Skyscale or not - the only difference is one says "I noticed you have a Skyscale" versus "I see you don't have a Skyscale" basically.  If you have a Skyscale already, completing this achievement collection provides a skin (technically that is a different collection but you need to finish this first) and a few extra boons to utilizing your Skyscale mount.  Kind of worth it in my opinion! 

NOTE: Before starting ANY OF THIS, start and stay with the Flight Training Mastery track.  You'll thank me later for this. You need this to be maxed out in order to complete this entire collection and get the mount.

NOTE: I'm not sure what happens if you get Skyscale version 2.0 before Skyscale version 1.0 in regards to extra boons to the mount overall.  This guide was written from my experience, given that I started with Skyscale version 1.0.  Secrets of the Obscure HEAVILY uses the Skyscale as a mount to get around literally EVERYWHERE.  Luckily, you can obtain a rental.  If you're struggling to get around on the rental, you can dump a few points in the PoF's Skyscale Mount Mastery Rank section.

A New Friend

A New Friend Collection Start

Easy explanation for this: find an abandoned Skyscale egg in a nest.  In total, there are 21 viable nests that this egg could come from.  I'm going to be up front about this part.  I was clicking on nests without thinking that they might not respawn for a guide.  There will be images that show the general area of where the nest was and I apologize for that.  Look for the areas circled in red to show where the nest was/should be!

Skywatch Archipelago Abandoned Skyscale Nests

Amnytas Abandoned Skyscale Nests

Once you've gotten that part done, head back to Skyscale Trainer Dyanne.  You can find her just west of Beacon of Ages Waypoint [&BCsOAAA=].  Look for the purple Skyscale icon over an NPC.  If looking via the map, she is right next to the Adventure icon.

Skyscale Egg Infusions

Skyscale Egg Infusions Collection Start

Next collection is one that you can either just straight up buy the parts or go traveling.  As of this writing, the total cost for everything to be bought is just shy of 500 gold.

Purchase option for everything

Obviously, take into consideration what you have already and that would decrease how much you pay.  Thankfully, there is another option and that is to travel around the world with the egg and do some things.

Waypoints in order:

  1. Castavall Waypoint [&BK4BAAA=] 
  2. Junker’s Waypoint [&BDcEAAA=]
  3. Koda’s Welcome Waypoint [&BIEJAAA=] | Earthshake Waypoint [&BHoCAAA=] (Claw of Jormag)
  4.  Prosperity Waypoint [&BHoHAAA=]
  5.  Irwin Isle Waypoint [&BNICAAA=]
  6.  Nebo Terrace Waypoint [&BI4BAAA=]
  7.  Blood Hill Waypoint [&BI0BAAA=] | Nebo Terrace Waypoint [&BI4BAAA=]
  8.  Reckoner's Waypoint [&BLsEAAA=]
  9. Murdered Dreams Waypoint [&BCIDAAA=]
  10. Dewclaw Waypoint [&BOIBAAA=]
  11. Fallen Angels Garrison Waypoint [&BFEBAAA=]
  12. Go forward and fight 4 world bosses (core is probably the fastest way of getting this)
  13. Beacon of Ages Waypoint [&BCsOAAA=]


 Congratulations, this collection is complete!

Skyscale Egg Infusions Collection Completed

Skyscale Growing Comforts

This achievement consists of farming a bunch of various enemies and getting parts to feed the Skyscale as well as spending a total of 15 gold for some items. 

Skyscale Growing Comforts Collection Start

Check the slideshow for hints and images of what I did, then check the list of waypoints I used.

List of waypoints:

  1. Anywhere in the world. Just head to Beacon of Ages Waypoint [&BCsOAAA=] when you're ready to exchange.
  2. Find kryptis champions via rifts in Skywatch Archipelago / Amnytas.
  3. Gentle River Waypoint [&BFACAAA=]
  4. Bloodcliff Waypoint [&BMQDAAA=]
  5. Ley-Line Confluence Waypoint [&BPUHAAA=]
  6. Phinney Waypoint [&BPMAAAA=]
  7. Honor of the Waves Waypoint [&BEMFAAA=]
  8. Avernan Waypoint [&BM8CAAA=]
  9. Destiny's Gorge Waypoint [&BJMKAAA=]
  10. Gladefall Waypoint [&BO4BAAA=]
  11. Tower Courtyard Waypoint [&BB8OAAA=]
  12. Afgar’s Waypoint [&BFMGAAA=]
  13. Beacon of Ages Waypoint [&BCsOAAA=]

Congrats! This collection is now complete.


Skyscale Growing Comforts Collection Completed

Skyscale Saddle Materials

This collection consists of participating in all sorts of events in both maps.   This probably took the second longest to complete out of all these collections, mostly because it deals with map currencies and token exchange. 

Skyscale Saddle Materials Collection Start

This is a total of everything needed to complete this:

  • 29 Provisioner Tokens 
    • You get these either by exchanging items with a bunch of NPCs or, if you're doing challenge mode raids.  My preferred NPC was Rend Scorchmaul, over in the Wizards Tower ([&BB8OAAA=] - directly south, by the stairs).  This NPC doesn't have a limit on how many items you can do an exchange for (Lump of Mithrillium, Glob of Elder Spirit Residue, Spool of Thick Elonian Cord, Charged Quartz Crystal, and Research Notes) BUT check the link in references for other options.
  • 375 Pinches of Stardust
    • Participate in orange ring events on the map in Amnytas
    • Gathered from Greater Arcane Chests
    • Contained in Amnytas Strongbox, Forgotten Nourys Reward Box, and Large Pinch of Stardust
    • Chance to gather while flying through Latent Magic (orbs in the air)
  • 375 Static Charges
    • Participate in orange ring events on the map in Skywatch Archipelago
    • Gathered from Greater Arcane Chests
    • Doing the Secrets of the Obscure Reward Track
    • Chance to gather while flying through Latent Magic (orbs in the air)
  • 500 Essence of Despair
    • Participate in red ring events on either Amnytas or Skywatch Archipelago
      • The higher the rift tier, the more you get

Waypoints in order:

  1. Tower Courtyard Waypoint [&BB8OAAA=]
  2. Bastion of the Natural Waypoint [&BDQOAAA=]
  3. Bastion of the Obscure Waypoint [&BEcOAAA=]
  4. Kestrel's Vow Waypoint [&BD8OAAA=]
  5. Bastion of Strength Waypoint [&BNMNAAA=]
  6. Rata Novus Promenade Waypoint [&BOANAAA=]
  7. Bastion of Balance Waypoint [&BD0OAAA=]
  8. Droknar's Light Waypoint [&BL4NAAA=]
  9. Beacon of Ages Waypoint [&BCsOAAA=]
  10. Astral Ward Encampment Waypoint [&BA4OAAA=]
  11. Bastion of Knowledge Waypoint [&BEIOAAA=]
  12. Beacon of Ages Waypoint [&BCsOAAA=]

Congratulations, this collection is done!


Skyscale Saddle Materials Collection Completed


The last little bit that you need to do is max out the Flight Training completely.  In total, you'll need 25 Mastery Points dumped into this.  Luckily, you can gain most if not all via story missions and just simple exploration.  If you have been attending a lot of events, you can earn some points that way.  Overall, it took me a bit of time to get this maxed out due to locating events.  Best advice I can give is to look for commander tags and attend the meta.  Once you've completed this, head back to Skyscale Trainer Dyanne over at Beacon of Ages Waypoint [&BCsOAAA=].


Max out the Flight Training

You made it!  Give yourself a breath of release and sticking to your guns! 

A New Friend Collection Completed

Skyscale Mount Unlocked