Getting a Skyscale

So you've decided that you want to embark on the Skyscale mount?  Great!  Let me get a few things out of the way first: Get yourself to Bjora Marches and start farming the Eternal Ice currency.  Trust me, you'll thank me later.  I spent way too long getting a stack of 6 different map currencies before finding out about this.  You can get these by opening the chests, doing the events, and mining the nodes.  Every 75 Eternal Ice shards will give you 10 or 25 of another map currency.  Have 35 gold ready for the saddle part, and more coinage on hand with all of the map hopping.  If you have that down, then you are ready to go!  This should take you about a week, maybe a week n' a half to complete.  It all depends on how committed you are at getting this done!  

 NOTE: This achievement collection requires volatile magic.  I'm sure that most people, having reached this zone for the skyscale, are familiar with it.  If you are struggling to get volatile magic, get the gathering tools with the bonus volatile magic glyph from one of the NPCs.  There is also the way of getting Seasons of the Dragons achievements for LS4 which rewards volatile magic.  Pleanty of options!

Newborn Skyscale Achievements
  1. Newborn Skyscale Scales Collection
  2. Newborn Skyscale Medicine Collection
  3. Newborn Skyscale Fever Collection
  4. Newborn Skyscale Eggs Collection
Saving Skyscales Achievements
  1. Skyscale of Water Collection
  2. Skyscale of Fire Collection
  3. Skyscale of Ice Collection
  4. Skyscale of Earth Collection
  5. Skyscale of Air Collection
  6. Skyscale of Life Collection
  7. Skyscale of Blood Collection
  8. Skyscale of Growth Collection
  9. Skyscale of Death Collection
  10. Skyscale of Spirit Collection
  11. Skyscale of Fear Collection
  12. Skyscale of Courage Collection
Raising Skyscales Achievements
  1. Skyscale Care Collection
  2. Skyscale Treats Collection
  3. Skyscale Toys Collection
Troublesome Skyscales Achievements
  1. Skyscale Lost Collection
  2. Skyscale Reflexes Collection
  3. Skyscale Stealth Collection
Riding Skyscales Achievements
  1. Skyscale Saddle Collection
  2. Skyscale Flight Collection

Newborn Skyscale Achievements

Newborn Skyscale Scales collection

You might want to pause the slideshow as you progress.  It starts with the first one in the list, map location first, then the area location of where the actual skyscale scales are at.

All Waypoints in order:
  1.  The Underworld Waypoint [&BNELAAA=]
  2.  Pact Command Waypoint [&BN4LAAA=]
  3.  Pact Command Waypoint [&BN4LAAA=]
  4.  Melandru's Lost Domain Waypoint [&BNILAAA=]
  5.  Melandru's Lost Domain Waypoint [&BNILAAA=]
  6.  Melandru's Lost Domain Waypoint [&BNILAAA=]
  7.  Melandru's Lost Domain Waypoint [&BNILAAA=]
  8.  The Underworld Waypoint [&BNELAAA=]
  9.  The Underworld Waypoint [&BNELAAA=]
  10.  The Underworld Waypoint [&BNELAAA=]
  11.  The Underworld Waypoint [&BNELAAA=]
  12.  Burning Forest Waypoint [&BOYLAAA=]
  13.  Burning Forest Waypoint [&BOYLAAA=]
  14.  Burning Forest Waypoint [&BOYLAAA=]
  15.  Burning Forest Waypoint [&BOYLAAA=]
  16.  The Underworld Waypoint [&BNELAAA=]
  17.  Pact Command Waypoint [&BN4LAAA=]
  18.  Pact Command Waypoint [&BN4LAAA=]
  19.  Melandru's Lost Domain Waypoint [&BNILAAA=]
  20.  Melandru's Lost Domain Waypoint [&BNILAAA=]
  21.  Pact Command Waypoint [&BN4LAAA=]
And that is it!  You should have a completed Skyscale Scales screen like the one below.

Once all 21 have been found, it should look like this

Newborn Skyscales Skyscale Medicine Achievements

This one can feel long and tedious, mostly due to the fact you need to travel to each of the 3 regions in Dragonfall, and complete 10 activities in each.  It took me about 2.5 rotations of the map meta before I had all 3 done.  Once you have that done, you can find the NPC associated with each area back at the Pact Command Waypoint.  Each one has something you need to purchase:
    • Activated-Charcoal Paste
    • Gravewort Paste
    • Mashed Echinacea
    • The last 2 parts are obtained from the Traveling Elonian Trader
Map with color coded circles of what is where

Once you have all 5 parts acquired, you finished Skyscale Medicine!

Once all of this is said and done, head back to Gorrik to complete this.  He will start the next collection for you.

Newborn Skyscales Skyscale Fever Achievements

You guessed it, yet another collection to do!  Once you returned to Gorrik after completing the Skyscale Medicine collection, you get this unlocked.

Just like earlier with the scales collection, you might want to pause the slideshow.  It starts with the first one in the list, map location first, then the area location of where the actual sick Skyscales are at.

Since there are only 4 waypoints on this map, you can use your best judgement of where to start off to get these.  They are all over.  Some feel closer than others.  For the most part, you can start at the first one I listed and just continue on clockwise from there.  Also, unless you died, you shouldn't have to waypoint often.  These are the four waypoints:
  1.  The Underworld Waypoint [&BNELAAA=]
  2.  Burning Forest Waypoint [&BOYLAAA=]
  3.  Pact Command Waypoint [&BN4LAAA=]
  4.  Melandru's Lost Domain Waypoint [&BNILAAA=]
Once you have finished the collection....

Congrats!  We're still not close to the finish, but we shall get there!  Keep at it.  You should visit Gorrik at the same place to get the next part unlocked.

Newborn Skyscales Skyscale Eggs Achievements

Yet another collection needs to be done for this, but this one is dealing with egg collecting.

Just like the previous collections, you might want to pause the slideshow.  It starts with the first one in the list, map location first, then the area location of where the actual sick skyscales are at.

Since there are only 4 waypoints on this map, you can use your best judgement of where to start off to get these.  They are all over.  Some feel closer than others.  For the most part, you can start at the first one I listed and just continue on clockwise from there.  Also, unless you died, you shouldn't have to waypoint often.  These are the four waypoints:
  1.  The Underworld Waypoint [&BNELAAA=]
  2.  Burning Forest Waypoint [&BOYLAAA=]
  3.  Pact Command Waypoint [&BN4LAAA=]
  4.  Melandru's Lost Domain Waypoint [&BNILAAA=]
Once that is all said and done, give yourself a pat on the back.  No, seriously.  This was probably the longest part in all of this.

Should be completed now
After you get that last egg, you need to head back to Gorrik.  He's in the same place as all the other times.  NOTE: Once you talk to Gorrik, it will take 2 hours IRL time before the next step starts.  Don't worry, you'll get there.  Once you finish all this, you have completed the entire Newborn Skyscales achievement collection.

This should be finished when you reach this point.

Saving Skyscales Achievements

Once the 2 hours are up, you will get a mail notification from Gorrik.  It will look like this:

Once you get it, head into the Sun's Refuge instance and speak to Gorrik.  After going through the dialogue, you will get the next collection unlocked.  This one is SUPER long, but trust me, you can do it.

Each one of these is a mini collection of about 4 places to go.

Just like all the other collections, I have them as a slideshow for ease of use.  This is not a cost effective method, but there are some things in here where you can do more than 1 thing at a time.  Below the slideshow, I provided the waypoints for each place.  You can see that there are several repeats, so if you are worried about cost - write them down and figure out where to go in order to start.  The only ones I have bundled together are the ones located in the Rune-Locked Doors achievement and the Life and Blood.  The links are below for some additional wiki guides, such as the Rune-Locked Doors and the Hidden Garden jumping puzzle.

All Waypoints in order:
  • -Skyscale of Water
    • -Market Ruins Waypoint [&BHQKAAA=]
    • -Allied Encampment Waypoint [&BFcLAAA=]
    • -Castavall Waypoint [&BK4BAAA=]
    • -Derelict Delve Waypoint [&BKQKAAA=]
  • -Skyscale of Fire
    • -Market Ruins Waypoint [&BHQKAAA=]
    • -Junker's Waypoint [&BDcEAAA=]
    • -Maelstrom's Waypoint [&BM0CAAA=]
    • -Necropolis Waypoint [&BEoKAAA=]
    • -Derelict Delve Waypoint [&BKQKAAA=]
  • -Skyscale of Ice
    • -Blue Ice Shining Waypoint [&BIUCAAA=]
    • -Derelict Delve Waypoint [&BKQKAAA=]
    • -Revolution's Heart Waypoint [&BKYLAAA=]
    • -Sorrow's Eclipse Waypoint [&BH0JAAA=]
  • -Skyscale of Earth
    • -Market Ruins Waypoint [&BHQKAAA=]
    • -Amnoon Waypoint [&BLsKAAA=]
    • -Prosperity Waypoint [&BHoHAAA=]
    • -Olishar's Oasis Camp Waypoint [&BCgKAAA=]
    • -Necropolis Waypoint [&BEoKAAA=]
  • -Skyscale of Air
    • -Market Ruins Waypoint [&BHQKAAA=]
    • -Cragged Vale Waypoint [&BKUKAAA=]
    • -Hidden Garden Waypoints
      • -Criterian Waypoint [&BMkCAAA=]
      • -Avernan Waypoint [&BM8CAAA=]
      • -Oxbow Isle Waypoint [&BNECAAA=]
      • -Irwin Isle Waypoint [&BNICAAA=]
    • -Venta Pass Waypoint [&BJMLAAA=] or Yatendi Village Waypoint [&BH4LAAA=]
  • -Skyscale of Life
    • -Head to World vs World to do this collection
  • -Skyscale of Blood
    • -Head to World vs World to do this collection
  • -Skyscale of Growth
    • -Upper Commons Waypoint [&BLoEAAA=]
    • -Brightwater Waypoint [&BJEKAAA=]
    • -Necropolis Waypoint [&BEoKAAA=]
    • -Olishar's Oasis Camp Waypoint [&BCgKAAA=]
    • -Bonestrand Waypoint [&BNwKAAA=]
  • -Skyscale of Death
    • -Necropolis Waypoint [&BEoKAAA=]
    • -Olishar's Oasis Camp Waypoint [&BCgKAAA=]
    • -Joko's Domain Waypoint [&BAsKAAA=]
    • -Lommuld Kraal Waypoint [&BGoKAAA=]
    • -Champion's Dawn Waypoint [&BBoLAAA=]
  • -Skyscale of Spirit
    • -Mrot Boru Waypoint [&BHUAAAA=]
    • -Yatendi Village Waypoint [&BH4LAAA=]
    • -Venta Pass Waypoint [&BJMLAAA=]
    • -Skimmer Ranch Waypoint [&BGcKAAA=]
    • -Makali Outpost Waypoint [&BGsKAAA=]
  • -Skyscale of Fear
    • -Demon's Maw Waypoint [&BOYAAAA=]
    • -Market Ruins Waypoint [&BHQKAAA=]
    • -Vehtendi Academy Waypoint [&BA8KAAA=]
    • -Fallen Angels Garrison Waypoint [&BFEBAAA=]
    • -Lowland Burns Waypoint [&BE4DAAA=]
  • -Skyscale of Courage
    • -Fort Trinity Waypoint [&BO4CAAA=]
    • -Camp Resolve Waypoint [&BH8HAAA=]
    • -Market Ruins Waypoint [&BHQKAAA=]
    • -Pact Command Waypoint [&BN4LAAA=]
    • -Augury's Shadow Waypoint [&BFMKAAA=]
Following this guide will help you get through the Rune-Locked Doors achievement (if you haven't completed it already).  If you have, congrats!  All you need to do is visit the areas in each one to get the Concentration of Magic.  Might as well do all of them while visiting, you know, to cut down on time and money:

If you are not familiar with the Hidden Garden jumping puzzle, this wiki guide can help you out:

Once you finish all this, you are just 1 step closer to finishing this long collection for your very own Skyscale. In order to finish this section off, head back to Gorrik via Venta Pass Waypoint [&BJMLAAA=] and enter the instance.  He should talk to you and that's it.  Moving on!

Raising Skyscales Achievements

Skyscale Care Collection

Once you have completed the previous collection/achievement, Gorrik will send you mail in 2 hours.  Thankfully, this next collection is super easy, although it takes 3 days to complete it.  While we are here, it is best to know now that you will need to make 12 Pieces of Skyscale Food.  You can bust those out before starting all this if you want, or you can make them as you go.  Either way, you need all 12.

Mail from our buddy Gorrik
As you can see, you need to head back to the Sun's Refuge instance and see what is going on!  Once you get there, you will see an egg with an interaction button.  Interacting with it makes the egg hatch!

Yay!  It feels like we are coming to a close on this mount collection, but we're not x.x  

Alright, so you have this screen in front of you.  What you need to do is not pick up the cleaning bucket.  I did that so many times by accident by habit of seeing the yellow interaction icon.  In the end, I would pick up the bucket and move it elsewhere.  What you need to do is click the skill #2 on the left hand side and hover the skill icon over the hatchling.  You can do this 4 times a day, for a total of 3 days.  If you haven't finished making the Skyscale food, you can make it while you wait for the next day.  
  • -2 slabs of Red Meat
  • -1 Charged Quartz Crystal (25 Quartz Crystals converted at a place of power)
  • -5 Globs of Ectoplasm
  • -25 Piles of Bloodstone Dust
You slap all these ingredients into the Mystic Forge and bam, you're done with that.  Remember to have them on your character when you visit the hatchling.

Once the 3 days or so have passed, you should have this completed!  Wasn't that easier than all the previous collections?  Sure it took some days but man, it was a nice breather.

Skyscale Treats Collection

This collection can be short or long, depending on your game RNG.  There are a total of 14 trophies needed for this.  Below are the various waypoints to go to, kill things, get a drop:
  • -Tasty Karka Leg (Karka)
    • -Camp Karka Waypoint [&BNcGAAA=]
      • -Kill Karkas.  I had some luck with the veterans right outside this waypoint in the north.  Didn't have to find a champion.  
  • -Tasty Dried Cat's Paw (Sand Lions)
    • -Allied Encampment Waypoint [&BFcLAAA=]
      • -There is a pair of Sand Lions.  Not enough for a good RNG chance in my opinion.  Head north on the road out of the village, then head towards the Arkjok Farmlands.  There is a handful of them east from there.
    • -Amnoon Waypoint [&BLsKAAA=]
      • -Kill Sand Lions/Lioness.  There is a small group of 3 to 4 in this area northeast of the waypoint.  They respawn pretty quick and you don't have to worry about any other forms of enemies showing up to ruin the party.
    • -Skimmer Ranch Waypoint [&BGcKAAA=]
      • -Has a decent amount of Sand Lions here.  If you're lucky, there is an event with a Champion Sand Lion going on.  You head west from the waypoint to the Abandoned Barrows.
    • -Temple of Kormir Waypoint [&BEAKAAA=]
      • -Not enough Sand Lions in my opinion.  There is also a chance that an event is going on at this waypoint in which it could hinder you from venturing towards the gate straight north.
  • -Tasty Dried Flower (Iboga)
    • -Allied Encampment Waypoint [&BFcLAAA=]
      • -Decent amount of Iboga here.  Head southeast a little from the waypoint and head towards the bat cave (Batman music cues).  You can go for the Tasty Bat Wing while you're here since they kind of overlap in area.
    • -Chalon Docks Waypoint [&BAkLAAA=]
      • -Handful of Iboga directly west of here.  There are some other enemy types in the vicinity as well.
    • -Temple of Kormir Waypoint [&BEAKAAA=]
      • -Handful of them in the watering hole located southwest of the waypoint.  You can also find some Sand Sharks and Sand Lions in the area.
  • -Tasty Dried Carapace (Insects)
    • -Amnoon Waypoint [&BLsKAAA=]
      • -Go south from the waypoint, towards the Amnoon Water Authority.  Keep heading southeast from there, towards the challenge icon.  Kill the scarabs.
  • -Tasty Dried Bark (Jacaranda)
    • -Allied Encampment Waypoint [&BFcLAAA=]
      • -Plenty of Jacaranda right across the bridge, north of the waypoint.  You can find a mix of these and Iboga, which can help in the Tasty Dried Flower part above.
    • -Bonestrand Waypoint [&BNwKAAA=]
      • -Nice handful of Jacaranda east from the waypoint, in the Silent Vale.
    • -Temple of Kormir Waypoint [&BEAKAAA=]
      • -Head north, through the tunnel and out the gate.  There are a few Jacaranda here, along with Rock Gazelles and Sand Eels.
  • -Tasty Dried Eel (Sand Eels)
    • -Amnoon Waypoint [&BLsKAAA=]
      • -Head straight north from the waypoint.  There is a handful of them past the first ruins you come across.
    • -Temple of Kormir Waypoint [&BEAKAAA=]
      • -Head north, through the tunnel and out the gate.  There are some Jacaranda and Rock Gazelles here too.
  • -Tasty Dried Hoof (Rock Gazelles)
    • -Allied Encampment Waypoint [&BFcLAAA=]
      • -Rock Gazelles can be found on the side of a cliff northeast of the road from the waypoint.  Just follow the road north, cross the bridge that heads east, then head north again.  They will be on your right.
    • -Temple of Kormir Waypoint [&BEAKAAA=]
      • -Head north, through the tunnel and out the gate.  There are some Jacaranda and Sand Eels here too.
  • -Tasty Dried Shark (Sand Sharks)
    • -Amnoon Waypoint [&BLsKAAA=]
      • -Head northeast from the waypoint.  This is a pretty open area with other types of enemies, so use caution.
    • -Skimmer Ranch Waypoint [&BGcKAAA=]
      • -Probably the best place for a bad RNG player.  Go northwest from the waypoint, towards The Scavengelands.  There are a bunch of them sitting around in this area, as well as just south from there in the Sandwallow Retreat.
  • -Tasty Bat Wing (Bats)
    • -Allied Encampment Waypoint [&BFcLAAA=]
      • -This is a bat cave.  Not more to say.  Decent amount of bats reside inside.  If you are looking for the Tasty Dried Flower, you can possibly get it right outside the cave.
    • -Watchcrag Tower Waypoint [&BIgBAAA=]
      • -Go northeast from the waypoint.  You will pass by an Ogre camp.  Keep going towards the cave in the upper right corner.  Lots of bats.
  • -Tasty Skale Fin (Skales)
    • -Allied Encampment Waypoint [&BFcLAAA=]
      • -Found mine on the southside of the village.  There is about 3 or 4 skales.  You could possibly try for them while killing Iboga and Jacaranda.  They are in the water.  If that doesn't suit your needs, you can head north of the waypoint, towards Arkjok Farmlands.  Keep going north to the water.
    • -Bonestrand Waypoint [&BNwKAAA=]
      • -Head directly west from the waypoint.  Look for it in the water.  Decent amount to kill.
    • -Duskrend Overlook Waypoint [&BIkBAAA=]
      • -Go straight south of this waypoint.  Bunch of them in the water.
  • -Tasty Skelk Liver (Skelks)
    • -Derelict Delve Waypoint [&BKQKAAA=]
      • -Right to the east, over the broken bridge, and through the 2 cliffs.  A ton of Skelks are here.
    • -Reclaimed Chantry Waypoint [&BJkLAAA=]
      • -There is about a handful of Skelks in the pond by this waypoint.
  • -Tasty Spider Leg (Spiders)
    • -Bonestrand Waypoint [&BNwKAAA=]
      • -Head southwest from the waypoint, following the road.  Bunch of Canyon Spiders to whack.
    • -Derelict Delve Waypoint [&BKQKAAA=]
      • -Head straight into the ruins.  Can't miss the spiders here.  Lots and lots of spiders.
    • -The Scourgeway Waypoint [&BHMKAAA=]
      • -There is a handful of spiders at this waypoint.  
  • -Tasty Minotaur Flank (Minotaurs)
    • -Derelict Delve Waypoint [&BKQKAAA=]
      • -Go directly west from the waypoint.  Jump up the wall and boom, lots of Minotaurs.
    • -Seborhin Waypoint [&BNAKAAA=]
      • -You need to travel a ways from this waypoint to get to the Minotaurs.  Head northeast from the waypoint and just keep going towards the Eastern Mihan Hillsides.  There is a Mastery Point nearby them.
  • -Tasty Wyvern Wing (Wyverns)
    • -Jaka Itzel Waypoint [&BOAHAAA=]
      • -From this waypoint, head mostly west and a little south.  You need to find them in the cliffs.
    • -Ogre Camp Waypoint [&BMwHAAA=]
      • -Head east and a little south from this waypoint.  Scale up the cliffs and boom, Wyverns.
    • -Skimmer Ranch Waypoint [&BGcKAAA=]
      • -Go south and a little west from the waypoint.  You will be looking at the cliffs where Wyverns reside.  Be warned, these guys all have break bars.
As you can see, there are several places that have more than 1 type of enemy to kill for a drop.  Allied Encampment Waypoint, Amnoon Waypoint, Temple of Kormir Waypoint, Skimmer Ranch Waypoint, Bonestrand Waypoint, and Derelict Delve Waypoint.  I highly recommend trying those places out and getting as much as you can.  It will save you a decent amount of time and coin.

Once that is over, head back to your hatchling and Gorrik in the Sun's Refuge instance.  Feed the hatchling just like you did with the previous collection.  Luckily, you can do all of them at once!

Congratulations yet again!  You are one step closer to getting this awesome mount!  When all of this is done, you should have the completed collection.

Skyscale Toys Collection

This collection has some more things that you will have to either have the gold to fund and/or craft.

Accidentally started this, but I changed the image to help make it look new

The first 3 toys you acquire are from NPCs, the first costing 1g, 2g, then 3g accordingly.  Lastly is a Grow Lamp.  You need to either craft one or purchase one from the trading post:
  • -10 Charged Quartz Crystals
  • -10 Orichalcum Settings
  • -25 Sunstone Lumps
  • -25 Watchwork Sprockets
Once you have all 4 items in your inventory, go back to Gorrik (same place all the time - Sun's Refuge instance) and play.

Waypoints in order:
  1.  Vehtendi Academy Waypoint [&BA8KAAA=]
  2.  Gladefall Waypoint [&BO4BAAA=]
  3.  Refuge Peak Waypoint [&BFIGAAA=]
  4.  Dry Top Entry Waypoint [&BIAHAAA=] - in case you want to craft the grow lamp yourself
After you interact with the hatchling with all 4 items, the Skyscale Toys collection is complete!

Now if you take a look at your Raising Skyscales collection, it isn't fully done.  Last thing you need to do is talk to Gorrik, who is right next to your hatchling.  Go through the dialogue and boom, you're done!

Tada!  Raising Skyscales collection is complete!  Let's go on to the next collection :)

Troublesome Skyscales Achievements

We are ALMOST THERE!  This next collection is kind of short honestly.  

Once you have completed the previous collection, you will have to wait for 2 hours (real time) before the next part shows up.  As you can see, you get a mail from our dear friend Gorrik,stating that the Skyscale has run off.  We get the fun part of tracking it down!  Needless to say, if you are not a fan of jumping puzzles in this game, either get use to them now or find a friend who can teleport you.  I went through these with my charr character, so I'm pretty sure anything else can do them too :)

Gorrik will be in the same place as usual, so you just gotta go see him in the Sun's Refuge instance.

You can honestly pick either option here because it doesn't affect the outcome.  Do what your heart desires :)  Once you finished talking to him, the next collection will be unlocked.  It's a semi long one, especially if you loath jumping puzzles.

Skyscale Lost Collection

Luckily, I have done the semi hard work and did the picture thing for you.  All you gotta do is do the jumping puzzle and talk to the Skyscale.  Or just hire a mesmer for portals.  Remember, not all of these are jumping puzzles, but probably a good 80% of them are.

All Waypoints in order:
  1.  Yatendi Village Waypoint [&BH4LAAA=]
  2.  Allied Encampment Waypoint [&BFcLAAA=]
  3.  Anniogel Encampment Waypoint [&BCULAAA=]
  4.  Shipwreck Rock Waypoint [&BOQGAAA=]
  5.  Sleive's Waypoint [&BP4FAAA=]
  6.  Cuatl Waypoint [&BLIEAAA=]
  7.  Swamplost Haven Waypoint [&BPcAAAA=]
  8.  Arca Waypoint [&BLIAAAA=]
  9.  Ice Floe Waypoint [&BH4CAAA=]
  10.  Breaktooth's Waypoint [&BBoCAAA=]
  11.  False Lake Waypoint [&BOgAAAA=]
  12.  Okarinoo Waypoint [&BEYCAAA=]
  13.  Old Sledge Site Waypoint [&BNQCAAA=]
  14.  Highjump Ranch Waypoint [&BJ0KAAA=]
  15.  Highjump Ranch Waypoint [&BJ0KAAA=] - this is one for the Jackal mount (up waaaayyy high)
  16.  Temple of Kormir Waypoint [&BEAKAAA=]
  17.  Destiny's Gorge Waypoint [&BJMKAAA=]
  18.  Destiny'g Gorge Waypoint [&BJMKAAA=] - need the Jackal mount and know how to use it well
  19.  Augury's Shadow Waypoint [&BFMKAAA=]
  20.  Skimmer Ranch Waypoint [&BGcKAAA=]
  21.  Market Ruins Waypoint [&BHQKAAA=]
Event timers for some of these that are dependent on world events:

Once this is done, you should have the collection complete.

Once you have completed this collection of hide n seek, you won't get a mail from Gorrik.  You do have to wait for 2 hours to pass by before you get the achievement.  For this next part, you guessed it: gotta meet Gorrik in the Sun's Refuge instance.  Go see him, and you get the next dialogue, therefore the next collection to start.  After talking to him, you get the next 2 collections unlocked.  In order to access them, you need to leave the instance, then go back in it.  It won't start unless you do it.  

Once you get back in, you will see 6 icons on the map.  These are the next 2 collections to be completed.  The first one I'll cover is the Skyscale Stealth collection.  

Skyscale Stealth Collection

This is probably one of the shortest collections we've had to complete in this entire thing (and the reflexes collection below).  Easy game of hide n seek with your Skyscale.  Hope your hearing is good because it makes a sound if you get closer or further away.

This is one of the places you can start the hide n seek collection.  When you enter it, your screen will go black and then you will hear the Skyscale make a sound.  Follow that sound.  Honestly, the first round teaches you most of the places it can be, so just remember the general areas. 

Once you find it, you go up to it and wait for it to fly off to the next area.  Luckily, the Skyscale stays in the general vicinity, so you don't have to traverse the entire instance looking for it.

Once you have finished all the games, you have this collection complete.  Let's move on to the Reflexes one.

Skyscale Reflexes Collection

Just like the Stealth collection, this one is pretty short.  You get to play catch with your Skyscale!

Ideally, you want to get inside the white circle that appears on the ground.  Sometimes they are near you, sometimes you gotta run to them.  All appear within reasonable distance, so it's not like it will never happen.  Just keep at it.

Make sure to choose the next level when playing catch.  I mistakenly didn't and ended up playing the first level twice.  Unless you really enjoy playing catch with your Skyscale. 

After you complete all 3 levels of catch, you should have the collection complete.  Go talk to Gorrik once more to get the completed Troublesome Skyscale collection.

Riding Skyscales Achievements

WE ARE HERE!  This is the last achievement set to finish before that beautiful mount is ours!  Okay, enough of the hype, let's get into it.  Start off by visiting our buddy Gorrik in the same place as usual: Venta Pass Waypoint [&BJMLAAA=].  

When you get in, you will see a bunch of Skyscales near Gorrik.  Speak to him, go through the dialogue, and bam!  The Skyscale Saddle Collection starts.

Skyscale Saddle Collection

All waypoints in order: 
  1.  Waypoints vary:
  2.  Chalon Docks Waypoint [&BAkLAAA=]
  3.  Atholma Waypoint [&BEMLAAA=]
  4.  Allied Encampment Waypoint [&BFcLAAA=]
  5.  Yatendi Village Waypoint [&BH4LAAA=]
  6.  Observation Deck Waypoint [&BLkLAAA=]
  7.  Pact Command Waypoint [&BN4LAAA=]
Once that is all said and done, your collection should be finished!

Skyscale Flight Collection

This collection is the last time you see Gorrik about the Skyscale.  Head over to a new location: Yatendi Village Waypoint [&BH4LAAA=].  From here, head north towards Fortress of Jahai.  You will have to scale up the side of a mountain to find him.

Once you find him, you will have to do a bit of dialogue.

After you speak to him, you need to interact with the Skyscale.  This is getting pretty exciting!!

Once you mount up, you need to head up into the sky to the marker.  You gotta stay here and let the bar fill up before the collection progresses.  

After the dialogue finishes between you and Gorrik, the LAST collection starts.  YOU ARE ALMOST THERE!

Waypoints in order:
  1.  Yatendi Village Waypoint [&BH4LAAA=]
  2.  Vehtendi Academy Waypoint [&BA8KAAA=]
  3.  Anniogel Encampment Waypoint [&BCULAAA=]
  4.  Allied Encampment Waypoint [&BFcLAAA=]
  5.  Bonestrand Waypoint [&BNwKAAA=]
  6.  Chalon Docks Waypoint [&BAkLAAA=]
  7.  Revolution's Heart Waypoint [&BKYLAAA=]
  8.  Skimmer Ranch Waypoint [&BGcKAAA=]
  9.  Pact Command Waypoint [&BN4LAAA=]
  10.  Vine Bridge Waypoint [&BIYHAAA=]
  11.  Temple of Kormir Waypoint [&BEAKAAA=]
  12.  Camp Resolve Waypoint [&BH8HAAA=]
  13.  Lowland Burns Waypoint [&BE4DAAA=]
  14.  Redreave Mill Waypoint [&BMYDAAA=]
  15.  Simurgh Waypoint [&BCUCAAA=]
  16.  Village of Scalecatch Waypoint [&BOcBAAA=]
  17.  Ridgerock Camp Waypoint [&BIMCAAA=]
  18.  Wyrmblood Waypoint [&BGUCAAA=]
  19.  Pinnacle Enclave Waypoint [&BJgBAAA=]
  20.  Iron Veil Waypoint [&BFMCAAA=]
  21.  Forvar's Waypoint [&BMoBAAA=]
  22.  Irwin Isle Waypoint [&BNICAAA=]
  23.  Stormbluff Waypoint [&BKUBAAA=]
  24.  Wynchona Rally Point Waypoint [&BKgAAAA=]
  25.  Brightwater Waypoint [&BJEKAAA=]
  26.  Fort Trinity Waypoint [&BO4CAAA=]
  27.  Gavbeorn's Waypoint [&BBoDAAA=]
  28.  Colonnade Waypoint [&BKkCAAA=]
Once this is done, CONGRATULATIONS!!  You are now an official Skyscale owner!  There should be 2 collections complete now:

This was the longest guide I have made thus far in regards to any mount acquisition.  If anything is wrong, please let me know so that I can correct it!