The Seven Crimes of Kullervo

The Seven Crimes of Kullervo dropped on June 21st.  Originally, it was held as an additional option while visiting the Duviri Paradox, but went into spiral rotation as of July 5th.  With this content drop, we get introduced to the 53rd Warframe, Kullervo, his signature weapon, and the prison Kullervo is held in.  Let's get into it!

Kullervo Warframe

To start things off, Kullervo's prison is only available in the Sorrow, Fear, and Anger spirals.  You'll notice a new island on the south side of the map.  This is where Kullervo's prison is located.  You can access the prison in the Duviri Experience or the Lone Story.

Island in left with map location on the right

You will have to speak to the Warden NPC in order to access Kullervo for a fight.  There will be a total of 3 Kullervo Warframes you will need to fight (one at a time).  Each time you speak to the Warden, he will recommend to have at least 5 decrees unlocked before fighting Kullervo.  After defeating the 3 Kullervos, you continue on your mission.  Each time you defeat Kullervo (total of 3), you'll receive Kullervo's Bane.  In total, you'll need 42 of these to purchase all parts to build Kullervo himself.  Finding Acrithis in the Duviri Paradox (the NPC at the end of the mission - post orowurm fight or over in Archarbor) will give you the option to trade Kullervo's Bane for his parts.

The Warden NPC 


When you hit up the Undercroft, you'll encounter a new enemy in exterminate missions.  Our old buddy Captain Vor shows up and spouts some nonesense.  You have to dispatch him in order to exit that mission.  Luckily, he drops a Rune Marrow and there is a chance he drops his own Vor sigil.

Captain Vor stopping in for a visit

Some new things that got introduced to the Duviri Experience/Lone Story:

Kaith Race | Retrieve Lost Belongings | Paragrimm's Tomes


Be sure to stop by the new SPROUT place in Teshin's Cave!  These reset every 20 hours.


Same with "most" Warframes, we get a signature weapon for Kullervo: Rauta.  It's a shotgun.  You can find the parts just as with Kullervo's parts by speaking/trading with Acrithis.

Rauta shotgun

Along with this update, we get some new things:

  • Gauss Kresnik (skin, Bolide Syandana, Acceltra Caduceus skin)
  • Kaithe cosmetics (armor, ephemera, tails, saddles)
  • Orizu suit for the Drifter
  • 15 new decrees offered
  • Tennogen things