Operation: Belly of the Beast


When Jade Shadows dropped, we got a new clan operation: Belly of the Beast.  This event is scheduled to last until July 18th, 2024.  Want to know more?  Keep reading!

Once you've completed Jade Shadows and have become acquainted with the latest game mode, Ascension, you are greeted with this option when clicking Brutus over on on Uranus.  In case you don't know what Ascension is, check out the tl;dr guide I wrote about Jade Shadows.  

Where Operation: Belly of the Beast is located

During this event, you are given some additional nodes that refresh about every hour.  By completing these, along with the normal Ascension mission, you can farm out Volatile Motes.  

Important alerts

These particular motes are used in purchasing some ephemeras, formas, arcanes, and weapon blueprints from Ordis over on Larunda Relay (Mercury).  If you are in a clan, there are some sigils, special arcanes, an emblem, and a skin offered as well.

Volatile Motes (2x), Stalker mission option, and Vestigial Motes with Ordis

While defending the Extraction Capsule upon it's "ascension", you will see some blue things around.  These are Sisters of Parvos summoning beacons and you will want to interact with it.  There are a total of 3 of these per mission and once you've reached the top, a Sister of Parvos spawns.  Killing her rewards some extra Volatile Motes, so skipping out on this is kind of a bad plan.  Good farming, Tenno!

A Sister beacon