Bitterfrost Frontier Meta


Bitterfrost Frontier was introduced back during the season 3, post HoT content.  The map is fairly small and has only 1, short-lived meta to it.  Luckily, there's a few other things involved in this map, such as other events and even some work towards unlocking the Prismatic Champion's Regalia.  Here we go!

First and foremost, I want to specify that there is technically no day and night cycle in this map.  Well, not like the rest of the world maps.  There is, however a day and night in this map that is tied to the meta event.  For the majority of the time, it is "day".  Later on, there will be a "night" while the braziers are being defended.  Trust me, once you've gone through the meta once, you'll understand.  

The yellow dot is a brazier that is always lit. The red dots are the 9 other braziers.

There are basically 4 phases for the entire meta Beacons of Koda.  First phase consists of locating 1 of 9 Kodan Braziers in the map.  Now, you can try to manage more than 1 of these during the event, but when it comes to the champion fights, you'll be lucky to hit a few.  Once you find a brazier that you want to defend, it sometimes prompts you to light the brazier.  As long as it looks lit, you'll be fine.

Eventually a storm will come, darkening the entire map.  This is where you're stuck babysitting a Kodan brazier or 2 during the defensive phases.  Enemies will spawn and attack the brazier during Jormag's Fury.  Keep the brazier safe.  There will be a small progress bar that pops up to show you how much longer you've got to babysit.  Luckily, this phase doesn't last long.  

Defending a brazier

Once the Jormag's Fury phase is complete, champions start to spawn.  I'm not 100% sure on if 1 or 2 champions always spawn per brazier or not.  This is the part where trying to run to all of the other braziers to fight the champions can be successful or failure.  The champions are a bit on the weaker side and melt fast.

Weak champion

As long as the braziers stay lit, the storm will clear.  Upon success of the meta, you can find a bunch of these little icebound chests all over the map.  They always show up in the same place, so once you get a routine down, you're set.  In order to open the ice-locked ones, you'll need to have a lit torch acquired from any Kodan brazier (sometimes another player unlocks it before you).  Be sure that the torch is actually LIT before running off.

Top pic is a chest. Bottom left is a lit torch while the right is an unlit torch.

If the event failed, the storm clears but you won't have the icebound chests to unlock.  Luckily, this event occurs about every hour.

If you're looking at other events to do while waiting for the meta to start:

  • Defeat the Champion Svanir Tyrant (located in the Svanir hive location)
  • Killing the Svanir and freeing Quaggans (6 quaggans in cages - eliminate the captive herder to free them)
  • Defend the Griffon chicks from the Sons of Svanir (located in the Griffon Old Growth)
  • Trounce the Veteran Corrupted Wolf and it's Pack (located northeast of Griffon Old Growth area)
  • Clear the streams of corruption so the Quaggans can enjoy bathing (southeast corner of map)
  • Protect the statue from destruction (located in the Brakbrak Ice Snarl - heart NPC)
Happy meta'ing!