Do you find yourself overwhelmed by having too much Volatile magic and looking at what to do with it?  Look no further!  The Volatile Singularity is just what you need.  This short guide will take you through Jahai Bluffs and get this sucker working for you.  Overall, this guide should take about 10 - 40 minutes.  Let's go!

First step is to get the collection unlocked.  To do this, head to Yatendi Village [&BH4LAAA=] and head north to the giant waterfall nearby.  You should be able to see this from the waypoint itself.  The entrance to the area BEHIND the waterfall is slightly above the base, so either a Springer or a Skyscale should do the trick for getting you up there.  If you are unsure of where to look exactly, there is an NPC wandering around in the zone named Afkhar.  Once you get into the area, there is a notebook near the back wall (Notes to Myself).  Pick that up and head back to Yatendi Village waypoint.


From Yatendi Village waypoint [&BH4LAAA=], head west and look down.  Just on the outskirts of the village you can find a Distraught Awakened NPC that is just chilling by a building.  Speak to him and then head to Sun's Refuge.  


After entering the instance at Venta Pass waypoint [&BJMLAAA=], head pretty far into the place.  Once you get to the large room area, swing to the right and you will find an NPC named Sonu.  This was the Distraught Awakened you just spoke to outside of Yatendi Village.  Once you get through the dialogue, a collection will start called Memorabilia.  This collection gives you the Volatile Singularity.

First on the collection list is a Toy Boat.  Head out of Sun's Refuge or start at Venta Pass waypoint [&BJMLAAA=] and head north.  You will need to get past the Ancestor Tree.  Be careful here because a Champion Skelk dwells in the area.  Luckily, you can just run in and grab the toy boat but if you're not that lucky, the champion is pretty easy to fight.

Second is finding an empty frame inside an abandoned house.  Head back to Venta Pass waypoint [&BJMLAAA=] and go west.  You'll come across some ruins.  On the south side, you can find a doorway.  Going inside is an empty frame and a circle thing.  Standing on the circle, type out /cry.  Doing this correctly will progress the collection.

Third is finding a lute.  Head to Yatendi Village waypoint [&BH4LAAA=] and go northwards, into the large Jahai Great Hall/Fortress area.  Be sure to go down where the friendly NPCs are.  Head east from there and you'll see an NPC at the end of a hallway.  This is where this collection can get kind of lengthy because this depends on a race.  From my experience, there HAS to be activity in the area.  If the race isn't active at the time you show up, go around and kill enemies.  Luckily, there is a 5 minute timer to join the race if you so choose.  For me, I joined the race but was disqualified from the start.  Not exactly sure how that happened, but I was able to still enter the area by speaking to the race NPC.  Going into the race area, you need to get to the large courtyard.  Mind you, there are enemies in this area that will try to kill you, so be ready for a fight.  The lute can be tricky to find, but the best description I can give is that it is "inside" one of the branded walls.  Having the ability to see items with names can help (think this is a key bind you can set in game or have on all the time?) and aiming for the area my character icon is at can help tremendously.

Fourth is finding some flowers along the river.  Head to Reclaimed Chantry waypoint [&BJkLAAA=] and head southeast, towards the river.  Continuing along the river's edge (left side or southern side of the river, depending on your orientation), you'll see an "orange" tree.  Honestly, the tree was more of a brown in color but the desert flowers stuck out at me.  Kill the enemies around the area and nab the flowers.

Fifth is yelling at some flowers.  You got that right, yelling.  Well, you type /threaten at them.  Head to Yatendi Village waypoint [&BH4LAAA=] and head straight upwards.  There is a tree with a bunch of broken farmer tools and some bushes.  Locate the one bush with blue flowers on it and /threaten it.  You know you got the right one when the collection progresses.

Sixth is finding a sword.  Head to Soul's Vendetta waypoint [&BIMLAAA=] and go a little north and a lot east, towards Wurmhaven.  In the basement of the furthest east building complex, there are a bunch of oozes.  Dispatch them and at the back of the room, you'll see something that looks like a wickedly cool sword.  Get close to it and give it a /salute emote.  Be sure the collection progresses here.

Seventh and final is finding a graveyard.  Head to Yatendi Village waypoint [&BH4LAAA=] (or Reclaimed Chantry waypoint [&BJkLAAA=]) and head towards the Jungle Anomaly/Crescent's Prosperity area.  If going from Yatendi Village, this is north and a little west.  If going from Reclaimed Chantry, this is kind of a roundabout southwest walk.  Whichever way you pick, you'll be going to the graveyard that is on the north side of the area where the Jungle Anomaly and Crescent's Prosperity meet.  For this, you will need to start from right to left (counterclockwise) and type /kneel at graves 1, 3, and 7.  I had to literally be on top of the mound of dirt when doing this on my charr.  You'll know if you got the /kneel right because a whirl of wind shows up around your character.  For the 7th grave, I actually confused it with the 8th.  Don't worry if you get those mixed up.

Once you get everything done, Memorabilia collection will be completed and you'll have the Volatile Singularity in your inventory.  Congratulations!