Angels of the Zariman

It's finally here!  The Angels of Zariman has come and along with it, LOTS of new things!  Not to give much of spoilers away, let me make this mention: If you have NOT finished The New War, you will not be able to access this, let alone know what is going on in the story.  If you have completed The New War, read on!

Alright, so with the Zariman here and stuck in a void hole, this opens up a new hub and missions.  We have experience with these types already, such as Cetus/Plains of Eidolon, Fortuna/Orb Vallis, and Necralisk/Cambion Drift.  With the Zariman, we get the Chrysalith but no free roam as of this guide writing.  We do, however, get a Dormizone, which is basically housing!  Decorate to your hearts content Tenno!  
New nodes and yes, Steel Path is here too

Along with the Chrysalith, we get access to 5 new mission nodes, in which some have the new mission types included.  Let me run down the general concept of these new mission types:
  • Void Flood
  • Void Cascade
  • Void Armageddon
I will have a Youtube video of each of these added to my Warframe Missions in 5 Minutes or Less series, as well as the text version added to my written guide here.  But for now, I can briefly talk about what each one is about.  During the story of the Angels of Zariman, you are plunged into these missions and kind of just...wing it.  The Void Flood is one where you need to make friends with your inner parkour skills.  There are little blue orbs that you need to acquire, stand next to the object labeled A, B, or C, rinse and repeat.  The blue orbs can be found in the environment or dropped from enemies.  The Void Cascade is one where you need to locate totem-like objects, shoot the void tears with your amp, then defend the area.  It can be a little confusing at first, but observation is key to seeing what needs to be done.  Finally, the Void Armageddon mission is like a tower defense mode, inside the Zariman.  This means a lot of corridors and passages can get coverage.  Luckily, these missions are not super hard to pass the first time through!

The Holdfasts Syndicate

There is a new Syndicate that comes with this update.  Much like the other worlds mentioned above, this Syndicate is named The Holdfasts and it has a total of 5 levels.  The fastest way I have found so far to getting through this ranking is to do bounties (speedy way), doing the exterminate solo (some people tend to rush and not look fully for all Voidplumes), and looking for little blue objects that emit laughter, in which you interact with.  Upon interaction, a specter of a Tenno appears and your job is to follow it.  It leads you to something important, either a Voidplume, sculpture, or something else.  This spectral Tenno behaves similarly to the Golden Instinct that the Helminth can infuse.  Voidplumes are what you need to gather and exchange for standing as of this writing, amongst other items.  There are 5 different types: Down, Vane, Quill, Crest, and Pinion.  Each has their own unique value, as well as rarity in missions.  

Much like the other worlds mentioned, the Zariman has it's own version of a "kitgun" or "zaw": the Incarnon weapons.  These weapons evolve by completing various challenges, for a total of 5 evolutions.  I will be including these in the kitgun/zaw guide I created a while ago, so keep an eye out for that.  As of right now, I have not been able to really go out there and test it yet, so stay tuned for an update here.
Incarnon weapons and Arcanes

Once you logged in, you might have noticed that you got refunded your focus school points.  This is the focus rework that has been discussed for quite a bit, and I honestly have not much to say at this point.  I never really got into the various schools, minus trying to max each one out, but I do know that there seems to be a few changes to what I once knew.  For example, you can see the Way-bound skills in a column on the right hand side of the screen.  I also noticed that I had maxed out a school completely, but the points that I got sent in the mail wasn't enough to max it out again.   

If you are seeking the latest Warframe, Gyre, you will need to do bounties from Quinn.  There are 4 levels, each one having a part as a possible drop reward.  This is pretty similar to Gara, Revenant, and Garuda as their parts are associated with bounty drops as well.  As for the weapons that come with this release, they too are related to bounty reward drops.  
  • Aeolak - primary rifle
  • Alternox - primary rifle cannon
  • Hespar - heavy scythe melee

Finally, the Eximus rework isn't much to balk at.  They do have a new look as to their health bars, but that is all I have noticed when encountering them.  Some of them have become a bit harder to drop fast, but these are in the higher end missions.