Halloween in Guild Wars 2

This is Halloween! Probably one of the most anticipated events all year, there is a lot of stuff to do, so let's get into it!

Lion's Arch

First thing's first: head over to Lion's Arch to see all of the various holiday decorations!  Honestly, the decor is pretty awesome to see, so don't miss out on this.  Besides the decor, there are NPCs that have some goodies for you!  You can find them in the Halloween zone just north of the Mystic Forge as well as hanging out around the central hub where the giant lion statue usually resides or by the Deverol Gardens.  As you can see, there are 3 gateways of activities that you can do: Ascent to Madness, Mad King's Labyrinth, and finally Mad King's Clock Tower.  Continue reading below to see what each one is about!

Every 2 hours, Mad King Torn himself shows up, beckoning everyone to join him in Mad King Says game.  This game is pretty easy to do, as long as you pay attention to what he says.  As long as he says MAD KING SAYS before an emote, do the /emote.  When the event is over, you get rewards like a key to open a chest and some Trick or Treat bags.  

Ascent to Madness

This event is where you gotta duke it out against Mad King Thorn himself.  The first part is where you gotta deal with fighting enemies while doing Mad King Says, until he comes out onto the playing field himself.  Once he does that, you need to fight him until he reaches 75% health.  At that point, he will move down on a platform below.  You will need to find a way down via chains and short jumps.  Remember that you do not have access to your glider nor mounts in here, so consider yourself warned :)  After reaching him on the platform below, he will laugh and teleport even further away.  Fight your way to him.  Once you reach that bottom platform, you will have to fight Mad King Thorn, plastic spiders, all while dodging exploding pumpkins and defeating Scarecrows that can fear you off the cliff.  

Once you get him down to 25% health, he will teleport one last time to another platform down below.  Same as last time, find your way down without dying.  Dispatch him and claim your reward!

Mad King's Clock Tower

If you are great at jumping puzzles in this game, then this will be a challenge for sure.  If not, you will probably cry yourself to sleep, wishing you could get this done.  I wish I was good at it, but I've been successful once in this activity.  Once was enough :)  Good luck!  The reward is a chest and an achievement.

Mad King's Labyrinth

This place is thee place to head to if you just want to farm loot for gold or try your hand at the RNG.  Talk to the Lunatic Boatmaster and you'll be transported to the wonderous Mad King's Labyrinth.  The only safe zones in this place are at the initial location you are transported to and the very center.  Everywhere else has enemies just waiting to attack.  

Mad King's Steward

At the center of the Labyrinth, there is an NPC called the Mad King's Steward.  This NPC will spawn various things that are useful when farming the labyrinth: merchant, bank access, food, and event a mount.  Speaking of mounts, not far north from the Steward is a race.  Hop on your trusty steed and give it a go.

When speaking to the Boatmaster, there are a few activities that you can do:
  • -Raceway
    • -Three types of races are available here:
      • -Rollerbeetle
      • -Something else that requires a Springer, Griffon, or Skyscale
      • -Normal race that utilizes any type of mount
    • -There are mount rentals available here
    • -There are timed trials available as well
  • -Reaper's Rumble
    • -This is a 4 vs 4 fight where a team assaults the opposing team via combat or with spawned skeletons
    • -Have 3 mausoleums to defend while destroying the opposing team's mausoleums
    • -First team to destroy all 3 mausoleums win
  • -Lunatic Inquisition
    • -PvP match where you play either as a ghost or a living being
    • -As a ghost, you need to kill the living by attacking directly or laying down traps
    • -As a living being, you need to find weapons to defend yourself
    • -Once you die, you turn into a ghost and you are then set out to hunt down the remaining living beings

Around Tyria

Throughout the land of Tyria, you will encounter Mad King realm doors.  Opening them can spawn a bunch of enemies and chances of loot dropping such as Trick or Treat bags.  Happy farming!  You can also get to carving pumpkins!