Thunderhead Peaks Meta

Thunderhead Peaks is the map where you get offloaded after working with Aurene in the All or Nothing story.  There are only 2 major meta events that happen in this map, but there are a decent amount of other events that occur.

The Oil Floes

This event starts off at [&BKYLAAA=] and is located just below Refiner's Joy.  You'll meet Miner Mikhail, in which you will need to escort and defend while they repair the 3 oil drills.  There a ton of enemies that pop up at each drill site, so make sure to dispatch all that you see!  One thing to mention here is that you will have to make sure some players stay behind at each drill site.  The reason is that enemies continue to spawn and will attack the drills.  If any of the drills are destroyed, meta event failed.  Would be super sad to see that happen!

Once the 3rd oil drill site is being worked on, a veteran hydra will spawn at each site.  Quickly dispatch these as they will really screw up the oil drills D:  There are also other veterans and/or champions that spawn during this, so keep your eyes open and keep at it!

After the 3 oil drill sites have been restored, the next phase is to use oil reclamation pumps to clean up the oil spills.  These look like large backpacks on your character, giving you a special ability to use.  Simply aim and shoot for the target oil spill.  This honestly takes time and I swear the oil spills happen faster than you can clean!

Get the pack, see the pack on your back, and use the special ability

If you've made it this far, then congrats!  All that is left is the final boss fight.  This sucker is weird.  You are tasked with defeating Sulypix, a giant oil elemental looking thing, before it drains all of your reclaimed oil.  There are a LOT of adds that pop up during this fight, so killing those off fast is idea.  During this boss fight, Kralkatorrik brands the Sulypix (about 50% health is when it happens).  It is unknown if any stats change once branded, but keep your guard up when fighting.

Branded Sulypix

Thunderhead Keep

The other meta event on this map is fighting inside Thunderhead Keep [&BLsLAAA=].  This event starts inside the hallways of the keep, so don't dawdle outside!  First thing you need to do is clear the Branded enemies out of the zone.  Easy enough, just look for the orange swords.  Once the place is clear, you'll need to set up defenses by repairing various objects.  These include barriers, arrow carts, and big ballista.  You can even place mines in the ground, which I highly recommend.  The mines help damage the incoming enemies.

This part is mostly left up to you, the player.  You can either hunker down in the middle with the ballista or arrow cart, defending the Resonance Crystal OR you can go fight the enemies head on.  Either way, just make sure the enemies don't reach the Resonance Crystal in the middle.

Once you have successfully repelled the enemies, get ready for some intense fights.  There will be 2 champions that spawn, meaning you need to defeat both.  Sometimes you can get some action from both, sometimes you get either or.  All depends on how fast other players burn the enemy down.

Location of both champions

1 of the 2 champions

Finally, when those baddies are dead, the final boss shows up.  Head back inside where the Resonance Crystal is.  You will see the Wrathbringer, basically a branded looking armadillo thing.  This thing is nasty, and you should be prepared.  If you see red circles or areas on the ground, MOVE OUT OF THEM.  The Wrathbringer will down you so fast if you just stand there.  You can get on either an arrow cart or a ballista to help dish out the damage, but be warned: sometimes the bad red areas can reach you there!  Good luck!

One last thing to mention: this map has the Dragon Crystal nodes on it.  You might have seen this image around.  You can get one of these in your home instance for 10,000 volatile magic and 50 gold.