Liches Be B*tch*s

I Want a Lich!

First thing you need to do is get yourself to Mars Saturn or further (good ol reference to Total Recall).  These planets, on any node, will most likely pop a target that you will have to rush towards to murder.  You need to be the one to deal the final blow (aka Mercy kill) in order to make it yours, so best option for this to work smoothly is to run the mission solo.  If not, you will be rushing other players to their potential Lich kill.  Just make it easy for everyone and run solo, at your own pace.

Next up is getting acquainted with your new found Lich.  Sounds like an adoption at this point, right?  Here are some notes to pay attention to:

  • -Rage Meter: increases as you kill thralls and clear influenced nodes; the higher this is the more likely your Lich will spawn
  • -Abilities: first 3 are dependent on the type of Warframe you had when you spawned it
  • -Parazon Requiems: the combinations that have either worked or not worked

What are these Murmurs?

Murmurs are just as they sound - whispers of things.  Although I'm not quite sure what it is they are murmuring about, best guess its the weaknesses.  See, in order to figure out what Requiems work against your Lich, you need to unlock them.  The other option is to just brute force your way through it, testing out combinations until you get it right.  Currently, there are 3 different ways to dealing with your Lich, Murmurs, and Requiems, and relics:
  • -Doing infected mission nodes on lich influenced planets for Murmurs 
  • -Kuva relic cracking for Requiems
  • -Getting Kuva relics from Kuva Flood Siphon missions or from Kuva thralls on lich influenced planets
Gotta fill the circle completely to unlock a Requiem
In doing any of these things, you have a chance to get a  Requiem unlocked.  Currently, it takes about 60 Murmurs to unlock the first 2 Requiems (each yielding 30 Murmurs per Requiem) while the last takes 70.  Mind you, you don't need all 3 Requiems unlocked in order to figure out what works.  Sometimes you get the lucky combination while trying to figure out which known Requiem goes in the first slot or 2 of your Parazon.

Sounds easy enough, but where do you get the Murmurs?  You have to find thralls and kill them with a Mercy kill.  This is where I prefer to play with a group.  It seems that you get a lot more thralls, because each group member has their own thrall to dispatch.  This could just be a me thing, or that everyone kills them quickly and more spawn.  When they are mercy killed, you get the credit as well.  Where do you find thralls?  Good question.  You need to find them on lich influenced nodes.

Special red icons along with red dust around nodes

Red dust on the planet Venus

My Lich Keeps Stealing Things!

Each time you encounter an lich influenced node, your Lich will steal things from you.  Whether you murder them or convince them to fight alongside you, you will get your items back.  It can seem super annoying at first, but you get use to it.

Stole a bunch of my things D:

Got them back :D

How is my Lich Leveling?

This can be due to 2 ways: You cleared all the Lich influenced nodes in the star chart OR you failed to defeat it in an encounter.  The higher the level they get, the harder it will be to finish them off.  Max level is 5!

To Kill or Not to Kill?

Honestly, it's up to you!  Some Lich have cool ephemeras while others have nice weapon stats.  Keep in mind that the weapons dropped by the Lich can actually be maxed out at 40, not the standard 30.  To achieve this, you need to forma it 5 times, each forma providing 2 additional levels.  If you get a repeat weapon, you can do a Valence transfer, which is basically merging the 2 together.

I Don't Like my Lich...

That's okay!  Some are awesome, some are horrible.  It's just how things are.  Luckily, you can actually trade liches!  You need to head over to Crimson Branch in any dojo to trade.