Getting a Warclaw

You've seen them roaming around in your squads or even as a lone roamer.  These magnificent beasts called Warclaws.  These things make mobility in the Mists pretty nice, although they are not going to compare to speed in PvE land.  If you haven't gotten one yet, here is a guide to getting one pretty fast and easy.

First thing you will want to do is ensure you have Path of Fire.  If not, you will need to buy it in order to unlock it.  Everything else is free for this, so don't worry about breaking your piggy bank.

You will need to unlock the Warclaw Companion collection in order to complete everything else.  This is actually pretty easy to do if you just run in a zerg for a day, for a few hours.  If you are not so lucky, this might take you longer than it should.

Luckily, the requirements are pretty easy to accomplish:

Purchase this with 50 Skirmish Claim Tickets from the Warclaw vendor.
Spend at least 1 World Ability Point in the Warclaw Mastery.
Capture a keep.
Complete the Warclaw Reward Track.

Capture a camp.
Purchase this with 250 Badges of Armor from the Warclaw vendor.
Capture a tower.
Found from loot after killing guards.

Spend 1 or all 126 points into the slot.  This can either be rather quick if you are a veteran, or it can be something worth balancing out if you are still working on getting a stockpile of points.  

The NPC is located on every map, so just look for the symbol and the Warclaw mount!  Remember, you need to purchase the body armor and leg armor in order to complete the collection.  

This can be either a struggle or a snoozefest.  If you haven't been hording away WxP bottles for a rainy day, this can be accomplished in a few hours a day for a few days or in one long session of about 6 to 8 hours.  If you do have a stash of WxP bottles, get to chugging!

Once you have completed these 8 tasks, you should have something in your inventory!

Click the Warclaw Certificate, then talk to Elvie the Warclaw Tender.  You will have to purchase the Warclaw license for 8g, but it's pretty reasonable for a WvW item.

Congrats on getting your Warclaw!  You can color it, just like any other mount.  Unfortunately the color scheme is a bit poor for such a cool mount, but hopefully that can change with future skins available.  It also has abilities to help you out in the Mists, so get out there and fight!