Rise and Shrine Achievement


While exploring Skywatch Archipelago, I came across a few interesting "swirls".  Thinking nothing of it, I found myself eventually looking at ways to gain more Mastery Points and it turns out that these swirls are actually an achievement!


To keep things simple, I created a slideshow that has a picture of the map, any reference images to show what I'm looking at if needed, and then the item/step itself.  This entire achievement can take you about an hour more or less, depending on how fast you can find things.

This is a list of the associated waypoints I use during the slideshow.  You could easily save some time by working on steps that are close to each other via these waypoints.

  1. Beacon of Ages Waypoint [&BCsOAAA=]
  2. Garenhoff Refugee Camp Waypoint [&BBUOAAA=]
  3. Rata Novus Promenade Waypoint [&BOANAAA=]
  4. Observation Camp Waypoint [&BEYOAAA=]
  5. Kestrel's Vow Waypoint [&BD8OAAA=]
  6. Astral Ward Encampment Waypoint [&BA4OAAA=]
  7. Droknar's Light Waypoint [&BL4NAAA=]
  8. Droknar's Light Waypoint [&BL4NAAA=]
  9. Droknar's Light Waypoint [&BL4NAAA=]
  10. Droknar's Light Waypoint [&BL4NAAA=]
  11. Rata Novus Promenade Waypoint [&BOANAAA=]
  12. Droknar's Light Waypoint [&BL4NAAA=]
  13. Beacon of Ages Waypoint [&BCsOAAA=]
  14. Garenhoff Refugee Camp Waypoint [&BBUOAAA=]
  15. Rata Novus Promenade Waypoint [&BOANAAA=]
  16. Observation Camp Waypoint [&BEYOAAA=]
  17. Kestrel's Vow Waypoint [&BD8OAAA=]
  18. Kestrel's Vow Waypoint [&BD8OAAA=] | Astral Ward Encampment Waypoint [&BA4OAAA=]
  19. Droknar's Light Waypoint [&BL4NAAA=]
  20. Droknar's Light Waypoint [&BL4NAAA=]
  21. Beacon of Ages Waypoint [&BCsOAAA=]
  22. Garenhoff Refugee Camp Waypoint [&BBUOAAA=]
  23. Garenhoff Refugee Camp Waypoint [&BBUOAAA=]
  24. Droknar's Light Waypoint [&BL4NAAA=]
  25. Kestrel's Vow Waypoint [&BD8OAAA=]
  26. Kestrel's Vow Waypoint [&BD8OAAA=]
  27. Kestrel's Vow Waypoint [&BD8OAAA=]
  28. Droknar's Light Waypoint [&BL4NAAA=]
  29. Astral Ward Encampment Waypoint [&BA4OAAA=]
  30. Rata Novus Promenade Waypoint [&BOANAAA=]
  31. Droknar's Light Waypoint [&BL4NAAA=]
  32. Droknar's Light Waypoint [&BL4NAAA=]
  33. Rata Novus Promenade Waypoint [&BOANAAA=]
  34. Beacon of Ages Waypoint [&BCsOAAA=]
  35. Droknar's Light Waypoint [&BL4NAAA=]

As long as you have completed each step, you should be done!  Be sure to check every once in a while on the progression of this achievement track.  I mention this because while documenting these various locations, I found that I failed to actually interact with a few, causing me to go back.


Nice and complete

Congratulations on exploring this map and getting an easy Mastery Point!