Dante Unbound

Dante Unbound has officially landed and there are some neat things awaiting us Tenno.  Along with the latest Warframe to join our ever growing arsenal, there's new challenges, puzzles, enemies, weapons,shards, and many more.  Let's get to it!

First and foremost, let's see what Dante himself is about.  In order to acquire him, you will need to play the "story", which is essentially some conversation, exploration, and a mission from Loid.  I would guess it takes from 10 to 20 minutes in total, depending on if you're into lore or not.  There is a new resource/currency that is involved in order to acquire Dante.  Doing the new mission type will reward Vessel Capillaries, to which 540 total will be needed to purchase all parts from Loid.  Of course, parts can drop during the mission rewards as well.

Dante Warframe

To build Dante, you will need:

  • 450 Necracoils
  • 2,000 Plastids
  • 21,000 Entrati Obols
  • 8,000 Alloy Plates
  • 3 Orokin Cells
  • 4 Neural Sensors
  • 4 Bellow Voca
  • 10 Control Modules
  • 4,000 Circuits
  • 8 Entrati Lanthorn
  • 70,000 credits

The newest mission to drop for the system is a different version of Disruption, one which only happens at node Armatus on Deimos.  If you recall, Disruption is the mission where 4 conduits are randomly scattered throughout the tileset and you are tasked with picking up a key to match to a conduit.  Then a Demolyst pops up and you need to destroy it before it reaches a conduit.  Same principle, only THIS version has Arterial Conduits, Dockets (the keys), and Necramech Demolishers instead of Demolysts.  Essentially, it's the same thing, just different location and names.  

Armatus Node on Deiomos

There is, however, a new enemy that shows up in this mission.  A Gruzzling is a laughing enemy that tends to pop up randomly.  Loid will tell you when one shows up and there will be a red marker on the map, indicating where it is.  When you dispatch a Gruzzling, it will drop a Docket that you can then insert into a conduit that has yet to fire.

A Gruzzling has appeared

One small tidbit about this particular mission is that if you wander around long enough, you might encounter a small capsule.  If you happen to fail a conduit, having this in hand will actually negate that failure.  Pretty handy in those super long missions!

Final thing about this update in regards to maps is that we finally have new puzzles!  I've only encountered 3 new ones thus far, but I'm sure there will be more later.  

Additional Incarnon weapons joined the game with this update.  We have Onos, a secondary pistol, and Ruvox, Dante's signature melee wrists of doom.  Onos can be acquired via Armatus mission or bought with Vessel Capillaries from Loid (360 in total).

There is a new way to play with your ever growing collection of Archon shards: fusion.  You can access this the same way as when you want to get an Emerald shard, just a different menu will pop up.  Now you can have Tauforged!

Just fuse 3 shards of the same color to get a Tauforged

Inaros finally got a rework and overall, it feels good.  I won't go into details but if you haven't touched Inaros in a hot minute, go give it a few runs and see the new changes.  Along with this rework, Mirage got some changes to Eclipse and Prism, Gara got a passive change, and finally Loki and Yareli had some changes.

New additions:

  • Styanax Tonatiuh collection
  • Tennogen Unbound
  • Warframe Augment mods
  • Omnia Void Fissures (crack any kind of relic in this - only 1 node available at a time for normal and Steel Path) 
  • Steel Path bounties have been added to the game!

For the QoL changes:

  • Upgrade screen changes (green and red for matching signs)
  • Fast travel with the Q button on orbiter
  • New UI sorting categories
  • Enemy Bonewidow Necramech rework (easier to take down in my opinion)
  • Many more