Whispers in the Walls

Whispers in the Walls has landed and it is packed with a LOT of stuff.  Lore aside, this update has been fantastic in so many aspects, including more quality of life (QoL) changes.  In order to access this amazing new content, you'll need to have the New War completed.  Without delay, let's get into it!


The Whispers in the Walls quest

The 55th Warframe to join the ever growing collection is Qorvex, a mix of concrete and radioactive fun.  You'll also be introduced to his iconic archgun, Mandonel.  Upon completing the Whispers in the Walls, you'll acquire the main blueprint for him.  In order to acquire the other parts, you will have to do Sanctum Anatomica bounties for a chance at a drop or rank up your standing, visit Bird 3, and purchase accordingly. 

Bird 3

Once you've collected all the parts, you'll need all of these materials to build Qorvex:

  • 5700 Entrati Obols
  • 155 Necracoils
  • 45 Stela
  • 4 Argon Crystal
  • 7 Entrati Lanthorn
  • 45000 credits

It can take a little bit of a farm to acquire enough of the newer materials, but as you rank up your standing with Sanctum Anatomica it shouldn't be too much of an issue.

Qorvex and his archgun


As with the new quest, there are some new nodes for missions.  Most of them are familiar faces, such as exterminate and assassination.  In each of these missions, you have a chance at finding a new item called a Voca.  These are similar to the Defixio objects in the Abyss of Dagath update and the Voidplumes in the Zariman Ten Zero missions.  Thankfully, only one player needs to pick up a Voca for the entire party to receive it.  The best description for the sound these make are a metallic, raspy hum.  Once you hear it, you'll know what I'm talking about.


One of the types of Voca

There is a new mission type called Alchemy.  The short description of this mission type is to mix dropped elements to form another element.  Once you've achieved the mixing stage, you need to keep the pressure within a particular range.  Shooting the thermal pipes help regulate the temperature, so be sure to keep your eyes out for them.  Keep in mind that just like all other bounties of this area have 2 parts to complete: the actual bounty and the mission objective.  You cannot extract until both are done. 

If you've been farming those Archon shards and want to get into something new, pick up a Helminth Coalescent Segment blueprint from Bird 3. 


What this does is it allows you to fuse shards together to create new types, such as Topaz, Violet, and Emerald.  Each of these offer newer buffs that are focused more on status types.  I included the link below in the References section to help explain what exactly is offered with the newer Archon shards.  In order to gain this new segment, you'll have to reach the rank 2 via Fibonacci and have 30,000 points in standing.  After that, head back to your orbiter and build it in your Foundry.  It takes:

  • 25 Necracoil
  • 5 Entrati Lanthorn
  • 5 Echo Voca 
  • 50 Stela
  • 50,000 credits

After 24 hours (unless you rush it), it'll be ready to use.  You can only fuse 2 normal Archon shards at a time (or 2 Tauforged shards for a Tauforged variant).  When you select the Coalescent Fusion option when looking to create a variant, it will take 50 Stela to create the fusion.


Green arrow is how you access the bottom image

If you're looking at your melee weapon, you might have noticed something new in the upgrade section.  With Whispers in the Walls, we gain access to melee Arcanes and now have Exilus mod slots.  The Exilus mod slot pertains to a new concept named Tennokai.  Essentially, these give a few extra options for our heavy damaging hits unto enemies.  As of right now, there are 6 mods to choose from.  The Arcanes can either be a reward from a bounty or a Netracell mission, or just straight up purchase from Bird 3.


Melee weapon before and after applying the new Arcane and Exilus - both are zaws so the top Arcane has always been available

A Netracell mission is basically a Sortie or an Archon Hunt, just located within the walls of Sanctum Anatomica.  Add in the Isolation Vaults found in Deimos and you've got a Netracell mission.  Just like Archon Hunts and Arbitrations, when a player goes down, they do not get an option to revive themselves.  Having that said, I highly recommend that you stick with the team.  When Tagfer warns that this mission is designed for high level play and he is not lying.  Prepare accordingly.


Tagfer and his Netracell mission