Operation: Gargoyle's Cry

So you've finished the Whispers in the Walls quest and are looking for something else to do while you grind out that standing?  As long as you're in a clan and are prepared to do some leg work, there is something to do for a limited time.  I present to you Operation: Gargoyle's Cry.  What is it?  Let's take a look!

Operation: Gargoyle's Cry launched on December 18th, 2023 and will conclude on January 15th, 2024.  In order to partake in this fun activity, you will need your clan to install the Vigile Jahu Gargoyle inside the Dojo.  Luckily, this is something automatically in the Dojo's inventory, so no need to go purchase it from any particular NPC.  It does take some materials to build, but these are materials gathered while doing bounties for Sanctum Anatomica.  Dump the materials into the Vigile Jahu Gargoyle and wait for 1 minute to pass.  Boom, done.

Vigile Jahu Gargoyle in Dojo

You might be wondering what the point of this is.  If you remember the Operation: Scarlet Spear, this is kind of like that.  Each and every clan that builds the Vigile Jahu Gargoyle inside their Dojo participates in this operation.  Doing the mission on Effervo (new assassination with Whispers in the Walls) will reward you with something called a "Curse".  Please note that just like other bounties/missions of the Whispers in the Walls, you must do both parts of the mission in order to successfully complete the mission.  This means you will need to defeat both the Void Angel and the assassination target before heading to the final boss fight.

Void Angel will have a yellow icon on the map

Fighting the final boss (one of a Fragmented Trio) rewards you with a Curse of Knowing, Curse of Seeing, or a Curse of Hearing.  These Curses are fed to the Gargoyle in the Dojo, so get out there and farm!  

The final boss fight and a Curse of Knowing in inventory post-fight

Depending on how large your clan is will determine how many Curses you can feed in a week.  The more Curses fed will determine what kind of trophy your clan will earn at the end of this Operation.  Not to mention, the more Curses fed across the entire game will determine the unlocking of new Operation rewards.  

Clan progress on the left, community progress on the right

Operation rewards are something you can exchange those Grotesque Splinters (the new material that drops in the mission after you kick the Fragmented boss's butt) for, such as a new color palette, glyphs, sigils, blueprints, and arcanes.  Good luck, Tenno!

Grotesque Splinter in inventory