Skywatch Archipelago Meta

This meta is mostly focused around Droknar's Light Waypoint [&BL4NAAA=].  You can check out the Events wiki page (see in references at the bottom) for when this meta starts, but if you're staying on the map for long a long duration of time, it happens once every 2 hours.  Let's jump into it.

First and foremost, I highly recommend you have all the waypoints unlocked in this map (a total of 7).  There is a part where you will need to relocate to a region to do an activity and to make it easy for you and traveling, just have them unlocked.

The starting of the meta

The first event in the meta is to gather Essence of Awe around Droknar's Forge.  You'll see them floating around or on the ground. As long as you move through the essence, you'll get it.  

Essence of Awe by the forge

Once enough has been gathered, the next phase deals with you going out to the rest of the map and gathering more essence.  There are a total of 5 zones to complete, each one having their own particular essence to gather.  I would go into detail for each and every zone, but that would make this guide pretty lengthy.  The keep it simple, anything that has a red icon: interact with it.  Some places have pinatas to whack, while others have essence to lure out enemies.  All zones have floating essence, so that is something to look for.

All 5 zones circled in red have essence that needs gathering

After all 5 zones are completed, you need to head back to Droknar's Light Waypoint [&BL4NAAA=] and head back down to the forge.  This part can be pretty hectic for first time players, but essentially all you need to do is kill enemies and pick up the essence they drop.  You will notice that there is a sliding bar, showing you the levels of all the essence needing to be gathered.  

Circled in the red box on the right hand side is what you should pay attention to

NOTE: You can actually fail this if any of the bars reach 0. 

A good method I've seen for this step of the meta is basically a zerg, running back and forth while collecting the essence.  This step lasts for 4 minutes, so keep your eyes open on the essence bars.

Final step is a lot to unpack, but this guide is built to help you understand it.  We are tasked with purging Lhyr's corruption on the disc platforms located on the west side of the map.

This is on the far west side of the map, just next door to the forge

To keep this simple, kill everything.  If you see another group struggling to complete their part, go help them.

  1. Lhyr's Sanity (overall just a meta progress bar)
  2. Gather magic in the air to charge memory snares 
    1. Memory Snare Power
    2. Fly around on you Skyscale to capture all of the floating essence in the air
  3. When extracting from corrupted memories
    1. Memory Snare Corruption Extracted
    2. Memory Snare Power
  4. When extraction is complete
    1. Memory Snare Invader
  5.  When the elite Kryptis invader is defeated
    1. Corruption Crystal Purged
  6. When the champion Kryptis invader reaches 50% health
    1. Destroy the corrupted memory snare
  7. When a corrupted memory snare is destroyed
    1. Memory Snare Invader
    2. Will revive within 30 seconds

If you're lost from reading that list above, don't worry.  There is ALWAYS something going on that people are flying to. Just look for enemies and kill them.  The only important thing to remember is that the final stage REQUIRES the Memory Snare Invaders to die within 30 seconds of each other.  If this doesn't happen, they respawn.  I haven't seen this fail yet because people call it out pretty quickly in map chat, but this is something to keep in mind.  

This is a general screenshot of the entire final fight. I included the status bar for example as well.

After a few runs of this, you'll know what part of the meta you're on.  It can be super worthwhile to partake in, but also just an overall wild ride.  BE SURE TO GET THE CHESTS IN THE SOUTHERN WIZARD'S TOWER!  You'll see a blue portal that will take you there.

Be sure to go through this for loot!