Blazeridge Steppes Meta


Welcome to Blazeridge Steppes!  This is the location that is most notable for a long, crystalized, zone going all the way from north to south.  Here you can find a total of 3 metas, 1 being the notorious Shatterer fight.  Let's go over each one, shall we?

The Ogre Assualt

This is a pretty quick and easy meta.  For this one, you just need to defend Splintercrest Fort at Splintercrest Fort Waypoint [&BFEDAAA=].  As long as you succeed in the defense, you're good.  If, however, this defense is failed by whatever reasons, you will be tasked with either defending Foewatch Encampment (slightly southeast of this location) or reclaiming Splintercrest Fort/Foewatch Encampment.

View of Splintercrest Fort | Map of these 2 places | View of Foewatch Encampment

As long as you succeed in any of these events (the defense/reclaim of either fort/encampment) AND you control both Splintercrest Fort and Foewatch Encampment, you'll be tasked with helping Lieutenant Fynn and Kor the Warcaller in assaulting some Ogre camps.  There are a total of 2 assaults, in which you are to escort both NPCs to Sootpan Kraal and then the Behemian Grand Kraal.  Each camp location has to be cleared out (debatable but definitely clear a handful of Ogres) and then defeat the champion that spawns.  Pretty simple!

Red circles show where the Kraal camps are located on the escort mission

The Steeleye Span

NOTE: I'm not quite sure if this is actually a meta or not.  The wiki has it listed as such, but it doesn't really feel like a meta in the sense of other metas.

This meta is also pretty quick and easy to do.  Essentially, you are tasked with defending parts on the north wall and south wall of Steeleye Span.  Head to Steeleye Waypoint [&BPoBAAA=] and do your thing.  There seems to be no rhyme or reason as to which side gets attacked, just that one gets attacked.  Once you've defended the wall, a NPC will be dispatched to repair.  Simply defend the NPC during this and that's it.

Defend the NPC while they repair walls | Map of where you'll be at | Defending a wall


Kralkatorrik's Legacy

If you've go event timer hopping or ran by a large, crystal looking dragon in this map, then you're probably familiar with this meta event.  This is the event where you slay the Shatterer.  Head to Lowland Burns Waypoint [&BE4DAAA=] and go a little north.  For the quick synopsis of this fight, you should stand near the large group of people standing on the small hill that I've circled in red below:

Shatterer itself | Map with red circle showing ideal spot for fight | Crystals that show up

Attack the Shatterer when able.  There will come a time where it summons 4 large crystals that need to be broken.  You can either go break these or just chill on the hill.  Either way, try bringing something that provides a CC and some AoE heals because there are a lot of smaller enemies that come into this fight.  

The pre-meta events for this particular fight consist of 2: Collecting siege weapon pieces and an escort.  These are relatively easy to do.  For the siege weapon pieces, you need to kill a bunch of ghosts (sounds weird when you think about it) and deposit the pieces to the NPC.  As for the escort, it shows up shortly after the siege weapon event completes.

Siege weapon piece and a ghost | Map of siege weapon event | Map of escort event