Bloodstone Fen Meta

Bloodstone Fen is probably one of the most well known maps from the Living World season 3 set.  There is a LOT of things to do in here, including gathering unbound magic, finding Blood Rubies (used in my Legendary and Ascended Gear guide), and fighting crazed enemies.  I also want to mention that this map is great for farming unbound magic to upgrade your gliding skills (like actual skills to use when gliding).  Off we go!

The first, smaller meta in this map happens once night falls.  To get there, you can use either Soulkeeper's Airship Waypoint [&BEsJAAA=] or Zealot's Overlook Waypoint [&BE4JAAA=]. You'll see a countdown til sunset.  Once that countdown is 0, you will start seeing a champion icon show up in the area.  Don't get this confused with the usual Patrolling Justiciar/Patrolling Crazed Agent event that happens during the day.

This is what the area should look like for this meta

There are a total of 6 steps for this meta.  First will be exorcising the angered spirits in the area (Haunted Canyons).  Once that is done, a total of 4 champions will spawn (one right after the other, not all at once).  In order: Savant Ehrin, Nyle the Compassionate, Ritualist Josa, and Thief Lloyd.  Each one has a different mechanic to their fight, so pay attention.  

Left to right: Pink box highlights the event for spirits | Middle are upset ghosts | Right is one of the Champions to fight

After defeating each champion, you'll be tasked with escorting Alari Doubleblade on her quest for vengeance.  If you are needing to get a mastery point from this zone/event, wait until she reaches the end.  When she says "Tell me the truth... I died in that ambush, didn't I?  The bloodstone magic brought me back.", do an emote /yes.  You'll unlock the Grief Counseling mastery point from Out of the Shadows.

Blue circle is around the area you can find Alari Doubleblade to start the escort mission

The main meta that a lot of people associate with this map is the Bloodstone Maw meta.  To get there, you can either start from up high at Ground Zero Waypoint [&BEEJAAA=] or start out at Depths of the Maw Waypoint [&BD8JAAA=], depending on where in the meta chain you're at.  This one is much easier to fail before arriving at the final boss, so advertise in map when it is up!

This meta is pretty simple to do: fight champion Jade Constructs before they drain the Bloodstone Stalagmite nearby.  You'll see bars that indicate the progress of both things, so no worries on not knowing what is where.  There is a total of 5 of these fights, the last one being a duo of Jade Constructs.  Little bit of advice - defeat the Bow first and ignore the Armor.  Makes the fight WAY easier.  Once you've defeated the Jade Constructs, be sure to touch the Bloodstone Stalagmite for some extra unbound energy.  Some extra notes for these fights: power and cc is almost a must, along with survivability.   During these fights, a lot of smaller, much more annoying popups happen and cc is great at managing them.  Power is something to really consider because the Jade Constructs are SUPER tanky.

One of the champion Jade Constructs to fight. You can see the stalagmite on the far right.

Once the Jade Constructs phases are complete, you'll be heading down the deep cavern to fight the Unbound Guardian.  This boss fight can fail easily.  Pay attention to the ground so that you don't die and be sure to pick up others when you see them.  Try to avoid the pink orbs of doom, aka Seekers.  Once in a while, there will be a greenish-blue pool that pops up on the ground.  Pretty small area, but if you can manage to get in it before the time runs out, you'll get an ability to help drop that break bar.

Unbound Guardian on the left | Greenish-blue pool on the ground and evil pink orbs of doom on the right!

Be sure to gather the unbound magic orbs post fight!

NOTE: Not exactly a meta but if you've ever wondered what this red orb thing is, it is the Raid portal for the Bastion of the Penitent.  You'll see this when you waypoint to Depths of the Maw [&BD8JAAA=], which is right in the area for the Unbound Guardian meta.

Get to meta'ing!