Fields of Ruin Meta Map


Stuck with some down time and over in the Fields of Ruin area?  Perhaps you got stuck in part of the meta while looking for Yanonka the Rat-Wrangler and wanted to know more?  This meta is pretty short, quick to finish, and surprisingly gives some nice rewards.  If you're looking at completing the Treasure Hunter collection, this is how you find Sam.  Ogre Wars is the name of the game.

From what I have experienced, this meta can be done a total of 3 different ways, none of them wrong.  It honestly comes down to what you feel like doing.  You can participate in the Bloodgorge Watch only, the Sapper's Delve only, or do both.  I honestly do both because it gives you something to do, plus champ bags from the various enemies.  Let's move on to each part!

Capture Bloodgorge Watch

When I started this guide, I was caught by surprise that this was a part of the meta (the Guild Wars 2 wiki doesn't exactly provide a direct post to all that is involved with the meta, just partial).  What you do is head north of SpottersWaypoint [&BDwEAAA=], towards the Wreckage of Bloodgorge Watch Waypoint [&BE4BAAA=].  If you are the first to arrive, you might have to start this whole encounter.  Speak to Legionnaire Riptooth to start the assault.  Upon entering the area, you'll need to dispatch the ogres inside each capture point (2 in total).  If you are doing this solo, I highly recommend to keep the NPCs alive.  They help control the pop ups as well as provide mortar support for the second capture point.  Once you've caught both points, Khulaid will come bursting into the area.  Kill him and move on to the next part (this takes a good solid minute or 3 before starting the next part).  Speak to Maybri Shadowstalker inside Bloodgorge Watch Camp.  This starts the Assault on Foulbear Kraal. 

The blue circles are the capture zones in this area.

Sapper's Delve

This is the other option in order to start the assault on Foulbear Kraal.   Head due east from Forlorn Gate Waypoint [&BFABAAA=].  You'll see a small group of allies along the road, one of them named Scout Tahiri.  Speak to her in order to start the assault on Sapper's Delve.  This one is pretty short in comparison to Bloodgorge.  All you need to do is dispatch 3 bosses (super easy to take down solo), then hold 1 capture point.  Once that is done, wait a little bit.  Unlike the Bloodgorge, there isn't an ally to follow into the area.  There is, however, another, separate event for rescuing a prisoner.  That has nothing to do with the meta.

Where you can find Scout Tahiri.

Assault on Foulbear Kraal

This is the part that takes a bit of time to do.  Luckily, the events trigger pretty quickly in succession, so not a lot of down time in between.

Mount up and run towards the champion Foulbear Weapon Master (if coming from Bloodgorge) or champion Foulbear Master Trainer (if coming from Sapper's Delve).  Both champions have a bunch of adds that pop up, so be on the lookout for those.  

The red stars indicate where the 2 champions are located.

This is where things just keep going.  Next phase is where you need to destroy 9 ogre houses and 9 ogre pet houses.  These sneaky structures are hard to spot, so my best advice is to take your mouse and hover over the structures.  The reason I say this is because my Show Enemy Names don't work for these.  The crossed swords are more of a "general" indication of where structures are.  Be mindful that you do have a timer and a bunch of enemies here to deal with, so get to hunting!

Once the houses are destroyed, Stravig the Defender and Koptrik the giant devourer show up.  Stravig is a champion, while Koptrik is a veteran.  Killing Koptrik first makes this fight way easier.  After killing these 2, you need to head up the ramp and deal with some guards.  In total, you need to kill all 8 and their pets (I think this scales in numbers because another time there were 14).  Luckily, they're nicely grouped and you can CC them down pretty fast.  Once these are dead, the final boss shows up.  Killing the Foulbear chieftain is pretty quick and relatively painless.  Each time you kill this boss, you get a chance to find Sam (not always a drop).  

Everything happens so fast here!

NOTE: If you join in late to this entire meta, but realize that only Bloodgorge or Sapper's Delve has been done (aka leaving the other one alone), you can actually still do the other location.  In doing so, you can send additional support allies to the Foulbear Kraal assault.  

Please note that Defending Sapper's Delve does not have any relation to the meta of this guide, let alone map.  It also does not matter if this particular event succeeds of fails since it resorts back to ogres eventually.