Archarbor Puzzle

If you've been visiting the various emotional spirals in the Duviri Paradox, you might have come across an island formation every once in a while, named Archarbor (found in the northern section of the standstill map).  This island actually houses a nifty puzzle that will either be super easy or super hard to figure out.  For this quick guide, I'll be starting from the highest point and working my way down (for reasons).  Let's do this.

First place I land at has a Shawzin nearby.  I generally grab this because why not (free intrinsic points!).  You'll see a pathway an a bridge that goes off to the right.  Crossing it will take you to this spot first.  

Top circle is statue while bottom circle is bust.

I will be highlighting the statues and busts in red for ease of use here.  What you need to do is turn the statues to face the main facility and then hack the bust, or vice versa because the order doesn't matter here.  

Be sure to point the statue towards the middle tower thing! The busts have a puzzle.

Once you finish up these 2 things, continue down the pathway to the right.  Be sure to keep an eye out for any activities available.  Mostly these are chests and group pop ups, but I did come across a guiding Tenno one.  Can't pass up easy intrinsics/decrees!

Statue is circled on the left, while bust is dead ahead.

Just as the first statue/bust set, you'll need to cross the bridge to get to these.  Same thing here, point the statue to the main facility and hack the bust.  Once done here, continue on the pathway, back over the bridge, and to the right. 

Acrithis NPC

Depending if you have fought the Orowyrm yet or not, you might come across Acrithis here.  She sells the normal wares that get offered post Orowyrm fight, but still not a bad idea to check out the inventory.  



The last statue/bust set is just on the other side of this bridge nearby.  If I'm going to expect a fight, it has usually been here.  Dispatch the enemies and continue.

Bust in the middle circle with statue on the right.

Now, you might think we're done with this part, but nope, still have one more statue to deal with.  From this point, the hacked bust opened a door that takes you below.  Go down and towards the back of the area.  You'll see a well-like object.  This is where you need to interact with it, summoning the final statue.  Don't worry about sticking around to turn it.  It does it on it's own.  Ascend back up top and let's continue on.

Touch it!

 You might be wondering where to go after this.  If you recall while flying to this island, there looked like some type of basement.  That is where you're going.  From the area we left off, run off any ledge while on Kaithe and start flying.  Head down and towards the center of the island formation and you'll see an area you can land on.

Luckily, this is where the final step is: puzzle time.  In total, there are 8 symbols on the panel that you will need to match.  This means that there are 8 items with interaction.  You might have noticed that only 4 have an icon in them.  That's right, you need to fill in the other 4.  If you're looking at the puzzle icon panel, do a complete 180 and you'll see 4 parts that need to be broken, uncovered, and/or tossed.  Fill in the missing items and get to mix and matching.  Eventually, you'll see familiar shapes in the partially covered icons.  You'll know if you got things right when the visible symbols get a halo affect around them.  After that, all you need to do is match the hidden 4 symbols.

Icon matching time

If you're someone who tends to struggle on puzzles like this, let me tell you how I go about solving them.  This method works almost 100% of the time, so don't take this as THE ONLY way.  I have yet to encounter a time this doesn't work, but I'm not going to say it is 100% foolproof.  

Simple matching numbers to locations


Good luck!