Super Adventure Box


The Super Adventure Box has returned!  If you're not acquainted with this yearly event, keep reading to see what happens!

Rata Sum


Every year, the SAB returns for a short duration of time.  What is it?  Where is it?  Why is it?  Okay, I got you.  Head over to Rata Sum's Magustan Court Waypoint
[&BBQEAAA=].  From there, you'll see the familiar SAB portal along with Moto and 4 NPCs pertaining to this event.  These NPC vendors offer a LOT of things in exchange for various items associated with SAB, such as baubles, bauble bubbles, and silver/gold.  Be sure to check each vendor out to see what they offer!

If you are looking at the sheer amount of baubles for some of the items, don't worry.  Just run through the SAB worlds, home instance node, WvW or PvP reward tracks.  You'll be collecting bauble bubbles which can be exchanged for just baubles (250 bauble bubbles = 1 bauble). 

Super Adventure Box

Once you get into SAB via the portal in Rata Sum, you'll be taken to the hub.  Here is where you have options of what worlds to go to.  As of right now, there is World 1, World 2, and a testing zone for World 3.  Each world has various levels to traverse so no worries on what you end up choosing.  

SAB hub on the left | Red circles show Worlds 1 and 2 | Mode choices for the worlds

Located near the back of the hub area, you can locate an adventure (gathering baubles) and a race.  

Racing Choya and Super Race

You'll notice that your skill bar has changed.  As you work your way through the SAB, you can get items to fill in the places for use.

In order to get the most out of your time in SAB, I highly recommend looking at the wiki entry for where things are located inside the worlds.  This provides locations of hidden areas, bauble locations, and various achievements.