Citrine's Last Wish

Citrine's Last Wish dropped this month and how adorable the story behind it is <3  Just in for the special holiday in February, the fate of our 52nd Warframe, her signature weapons, and the Mirror Defense mission at Tyana Pass (new node on Mars) await acquisition and exploration.  Let's get into it!

In order to get your hands on Citrine, you are going to do a similar thing like Voruna.  For farming the parts, you head over to Mars and you'll see a new node named Tyana Pass.  This node will ONLY show up if you've completed the Heart of Deimos quest (the story is heavily coordinated with Deimos).  This is the only place to get the components as drops (RNG time) or at least farm the Belric/Rania Crystal Fragments, unless you just purchase her from the in game marketplace.

Citrine Warframe

For Tyana Pass, it's different yet the same.  Great new node for a spin on traditional defense mission types.  You're in charge of defending 2 crystals: 1 being on a Grineer map and the other 1 being on a Corpus map.  These are connected via a void tunnel, to which you will have to traverse this in between rounds (when stated in game via message).  From what I've played so far, you get 1 turn in each map before you get an option for extraction.  

During the defense, you will see a bunch of little crystals hovering around the map.  Go get them.  Once the team reaches 50 crystals, a prismatic barrier deploys around the crystal that we are tasked with defending (the crystal, not the barrier).  Every 50 crystals gathered, you get rewarded with 5 fragments.  At the completion of each round, you get 10 fragments.

Red circles are the crystals out in the open. Yellow arrow pointing to cluster image on map.

If you're unlucky in the RNG department and/or tired of farming til rotation C, you can exchange the gathered crystals to Otak in the Necralisk (Deimos).  Each part costs 350 of EACH FRAGMENT TYPE while the actual blueprint costs 500 (totals to 1,550 of EACH fragment type).  Since you're going to probably spend at least 20 - 25 minute runs each time, you'll rack up the fragments within a reasonable time.  I spent about 1.5 hours doing this mission and I had enough fragments for 1 part, so do with that information as you will.

NOTE:  You will NEED to have Heart of Deimos completed in order to see/access this node.

He is sooo happy to speak with you again!

As with "most" Warframes, signature weapons get released.  With Citrine, we now have  Corufell (heavy melee - scythe) and Steflos (primary - shotgun).  These weapons can be acquired just like Citrine parts - farming/exchange/market.

Steflos and Corufell

Along with this update, we get access to 5 new arcanes:

  • Steadfast
  • Primary Plated Round
  • Double Back
  • Secondary Encumber
  • Secondary Kinship

Some new cosmetics:

  • Rhino Deathwatch skin
  • Ember Voidshell skin
  • Visage Inks for your Drifter (available in your Drifter customization section NOTE: only applicable on Drifter)

Some new Warframe augments:

  • Reventant - Mesmer Shield
  • Gara - Shattered Storm
  • Gyre - Cathode Current
  • Yareli -  Merulina Guardian

And finally a QoL change to the Tauforged Archon shard drop.  The more you play, the greater the chance of a drop.