Lua's Prey


Lua's Prey has arrived and it is pretty fun.  Along with a short video that gives us the scenario of what is going on, we get Voruna (51st Warframe), 2 of her signature weapons, 2 new nodes along with new mission variations, as well as an all new arcane segment in your orbiter (along with some new arcanes).

To get Voruna, you can either farm for all the parts, purchase all the parts, get a mix of farming and purchasing, or just get it from the in game market.  Either way, there is a way to get her.  

Voruna Warframe

If you are going to do some farming, you can find the parts (yes, all 4 parts) on Yuvarium and Circulus.  These are 2 new nodes over on Lua and they are labeled as Conjunction Survival.  The drop rates are not abysmal, but some are definitely harder to get.  The only rotation that these drop on are Rotation C, so you'll best be prepared for a 20/25 minute run each and every time. 

NOTE: If you haven't finished the War Within, you need to go do that before you can access Yuvarium and Circulus.

If you are aiming to do a mix of farming and/or outright purchasing the parts (not from the in game market), you can head over to Archimedean Yonta and exchange some Lua Thrax Plasm for the parts.  Still need to do some farming for the Lua Thrax Plasm, but it drops relatively often so you won't be having to spend days on end getting these. 

Archimedean Yonta's offerings for Lua Thrax Plasm

With Voruna, her weapons that come along for the ride are Sarofang (melee - axe) and Perigale (primary sniper).  These parts have the same way of acquisition as Voruna does.

Sarofang and Perigale

Yuvarium and Circulus are the latest nodes to enter the system.  They both host as Conjunction Survival nodes, which is a variation of Survival mode we've come to know.  The difference with these is that we are graced with a Lone Guardian in the black and white fields.  This Void Dax (looks a lot like Teshin) can be seen walking towards a random life support capsule while providing a field that increases some things: Ability Strength (100%) and Casting Speed (50%).  You can't interact with this Void Dax let alone have it fight with you.  Think of it as a beacon for the buffs.  

Yuvarium and Circulus on Lua circled in yellow

Along with the Survival mission style, every 5 minutes rewards you with goodies but there is a slight change here.  Every 5 minutes has a spawn of Thrax which will aim to drain the Life Support 50% faster.  Best to dispatch them as soon as possible, especially if you are over on Circulus (level 80-100 enemies).  These nodes are also Necramech capable, meaning you can summon yours to help in the fight.  The only downside is that you can have it available for like, 2 minutes and then the cooldown is 10 minutes (reduced to 7.5 minutes if you have increased your Intrinsics Tactical rank to 8).

A new addition to the orbiter came with this update: Arcane Segment.  Luckily, you don't have to build/install anything.  You can find it nestled between the Mods and Incubator segments.  This doesn't replace the old way of accessing mods mind you.  This just provides an alternative way of accessing them.

New Arcane Segment in Orbiter and the HUB

Finally, Nightwave has come once again in Nora's Mix Vol 3!  Get to doing those every week to get those nice rewards.