Veilbreaker is here and there is a decent number of new things to take a look at!  With the return of Kahl-175 in a new game mode and the arrival of Styanax with Archons in tow, I've got a break down of each thing for your favorite guide format.  Be sure to have The New War finished to enjoy Veilbreaker!

As you log in, you will be greeted with a message from Daughter Entrati that asks for your help.  Most of this quest will deal with you playing as Kahl-175, in which you can finish it in about 20 minutes or so.  If you don't remember what you did back in The New War quest and a few other instances, you might struggle.  Keep a lookout for the cues, nodes, and rings.  Also, be sure to listen to the conversation that happens.  Sometimes it gives you hints at what to do.  I don't know what happens if Kahl-175 dies in the mission, so try not to die.  

This changes weekly
Upon completion of the Veilbreaker quest, you will be taken to Kahl's Garrison.  I found this via trying to leave my main deck in my orbitor, teleporting me outside in the Drifter's Camp.  Kahl's Garrison is a new syndicate in which you get to play dress-up with Kahl-175 as well as launch Garrison Assignment missions.  From what I've gathered thus far, this rotates weekly, giving you 6 sub-goals to aim for.  These sub-goals vary, from rescuing 5 captured Ostrons to collecting genestamps.  Be sure to make a mental note of which ones you are aiming for per run.  I say this because I don't get any notification of progress until I get the first one.  Please make a note that if you found 4 out of 5 genestamps or anything of the quantity, it doesn't save it for a future mission.  Get them all in 1 go.  Luckily, you get a full week to get all 6 sub-goals completed, earning the maximum of the weekly Chipper's Stock currency.  Be sure to check Chipper's inventory!  There are some spiffy new Archon mods!

Weekly Archon hunts have hit the system and wow, what a thing.  Take Arbitration and Sorti, give them a lovechild and boom, Archon hunt.  If you complete all 3 missions (like a Sorti), you are given a guaranteed Archon shard plus something else in the reward pool.  The Arbitration likeness is where you gain a bonus if you wield a specific Warframe and/or weapon.  

Speaking of Archon shards, Veilbreaker has introduced something new with these.  There are a total of 3 types: azure, crimson, and amber.  Azure shards provide a defense bonus, crimson offense bonus, and amber gives an additional "utility" slot.  You can install these via your Helminth, but you need to make sure to build the blueprint first!  As long as you completed the Veilbreaker quest, you should have received the Helminth Archon Shard Segment in your foundry.  Once completed, install that bad boy on your Helminth and boom, you've got access to Archon shard infusions.  These are permanent installations for your Warframe, with the ability to remove them at a later point.  With this, there are a lot of new possibilities for the most badass Warframe out there.  Get to farming Tenno!

New options from the Helminth!

Finally, Styanax, the 50th Warframe.  With this latest addition to the rest of the arsenal, we get a Warframe that acts like a Spartan.  As of this writing, Styanax was offered for free for those who logged into the game before September 22st, 2022.  For those of you looking for one to subsume to the Helminth OR if you are late to the party for the free Warframe, you can easily get ahold of it via Chipper.  You will have to do some light grinding to get the standing up with Kahl-175 but it isn't super painful as Gyre was.  Along with this, we get a new weapon:
  • Afentis - primary speargun
NOTE: When you log in and try to access your Syndicates, you might notice a rework.  I'm not sure if you are expected to re-pledge/change or just ignore it overall.  I decided to re-pledge because I be damned if I'm out there grinding and I earn 0 standing with anyone.