Getting Your Siege Turtle

Once you get the meta achievement done or saved up enough Writs of Dragon's End (200 in total), you will get a letter in the mail from Valrun.  In the letter, it states that you should meet Rota in Arborstone, so let's go see her.  

You can find her by the turtle icon she has via the map/minimap.  Head to the Arborstone Waypoint 
[&BGMNAAA=] and go northwest, just outside the ruins.  Go through the dialogue and soon enough, your little siege turtle will hatch!  Now, this mount has several, smaller collections for completion.  Fret not, this isn't as bad as the Skyscale.

Stomping Around Collection

New collection to do!  This took me a little longer than it should have, but since I get distracted in other things in this game, I missed a few of the events (more than a few times) that are required in the last collection x.x  Let's get started by talking to Rota and getting the first collection done.

Turtle Unlock: Starting Small

Nearby Rota is Fidget.  Luckily, it has all the parts you need to complete the first collection.  You will need:

  • 250 kale
  • 250 lettuce
  • 150 carrots
  • 250 strawberries
All you do is just exchange the items listed above for the chopped version.  Once this is all done, you will notice that your baby siege turtle has turned into an adolescent!  The first collection should also be completed.  Be sure to talk to Rota for the next collection.

Turtle Unlock: Getting Stronger

You guessed it.  Head back to Fidget and do some exchanging.  This time around it is fish.  The fish you will need:
  • 100 fine fish fillets
  • 50 fabulous fish fillets
  • 10 flavorful fish fillets
  • 5 fantastic fish fillets
Now, this can be done 2 different ways.  You can either fish them yourself or you buy from the Trading Post.  However you manage to get them, do the exchange with Fidget.  Boom, the second collection has been completed.  Be sure to talk to Rota for the next step.

Turtle Unlock: Suiting Up

Okay, so this collection isn't feeding the turtle (sad times), but it focuses more on getting a saddle for it.  Don't worry, this is "relatively painless" to complete.  There are a total of 9 parts you need, starting off with the first one being done.  Be warned, this collection can take some time to complete.  This is because a lot of these items are tied to a successful event, such as a meta.  So I guess that means 8 parts we have to work on actually obtaining:

  • Luxon Tools - Defeat the Maw - Jade Quarry Waypoint [&BKIMAAA=]
  • Turret Plans - Heart NPC Elora - Garden Heights Waypoint [&BBYNAAA=]
  • Turret Power Unit - Meta event for the map - Haiju Docks Waypoint [&BGQNAAA=]
  • Alleola Oil - Random event for the Forever Tree - Kropa Waypoint [&BMwMAAA=]
  • Deluxe Leather Seating - Defeat an adolescent Leviathan 
    • Seitung Harbor in Seitung Province - Village Waypoint [&BJ4MAAA=]
    • Kaineng Docks in New Kaineng City - Promenade Waypoint [&BMYMAAA=]
  • Thruster Plans - Speak to the tengu spy - Junkyard Waypoint [&BIsMAAA=]
  • Thruster Control Unit - Complete the Kaineng Overlook Stike Mission - Arborstone Waypoint [&BGMNAAA=]
  • Saddle Color Selection - 25 Unidentified Dye - Fidget - Arborstone [&BGMNAAA=]
Be sure to check out the slide show for where and how per location above!

After this collection has been completed, it is time to go see Rota.  If you did the Saddle Color Selection last, just turn around and she is there.  If not, head back to Arborstone [&BGMNAAA=] and speak with her (same spot as all other times).  

Tada, you have your very own Siege Turtle Mount!