Building Your Jade Bot

With the introduction of End of Dragons expansion, one of the new "toys" that we get as players is the Jade Bot.  Now, you're probably wondering where to start when it comes to getting this little companion set up for your needs, so let me help you out.

First and foremost, you need to acquire said Jade Bot.  In order to get it, you need to play up to a certain point in the End of Dragons storyline - The Scenic Route to be specific (part 5).  Upon completion, congrats!  Now, what to do with it from here: upgrade it.

Jade Bot workbench that you need any time you need to upgrade/modify

It can seem a bit daunting when you first look at all this, but I'm here to help you out.  You might be tempted to just start tinkering with things and that is perfectly fine.  I do want to mention that you can save yourself a lot of salvaging time by doing a few things listed below:

  • Get that mastery ranking up for the Jade Bot while holding off on everything else.  You can do this by keeping it selected and upgrading as you progress in the story.  I didn't have it maxed out at the end, but was very close.  By doing this, you can gain access to higher power cores which change up the overall experience for the better.
  • Salvage all crafted items that you might be holding onto for unknown reasons (and generally have 0 use for any future intentions).  I found that I had a lot of holiday foods and other foods that I no longer needed.  Another thing you could do is to craft lower end weapons and just use those for salvaging - great especially for those of you who are trying to level up a crafting discipline!  This works on anything, including ascended weapons/armor.  The higher quality of the item, the more Research Notes given.
  • You need to upgrade the Power Core as you go.  I know, that is a lot of Research Notes but trust me when I say it is worth it.  You need to get to the Power Core tier 6 in order to utilize the 2nd slot provided.  That 2nd slot can give you access to finding treasure chests nearby, give you some boosts on the Siege Turtle or skiff, even help you with gliding and rez!
Before we actually get into this, you need to have a jeweler as one of your characters.  None of this works without that.  That jeweler also needs to be rank 400 because some of the components needed to craft these parts deal with items at the 400 level.  If you need assistance for getting to level 400 as a jeweler, be sure to check out the side panel for crafting efficiency!  If jeweler 400 is not in your cards for the future, you can always purchase these off the trading post.

Jade Bot vendor and various recipes

Now, if you've made it this far that means you are ready to get into the details.  Great!  Go out there and get those Research Notes and the mastery ranking.  The Power Core relies on the previous version in order to upgrade.  In other words, your original Power Core needs to be with your jeweler crafter in order to get upgraded tiers.  Luckily, this is easy!  All you need to do (if your jeweler is not your main, like me), is take it off your Jade Bot, stick it in your bank account, pull it out on your jeweler, and upgrade.  As for crafting everything else, you can purchase the recipes, make whatever strikes your fancy, test and swap out the modules and service chips.  Best part is that once the module is made, it doesn't get destroyed by swapping.

Jade Bot Treasure Hunter shows nearby chests!

Besides the obvious use in missions, this little bot has a lot of uses.  I started out with a Sensory Array for additional leather pick ups.  It makes a huge difference when it comes to gathering in my opinion.  The Recyclers were a bit of a downer when compared to the Scavenger Protocols, but the Treasure Hunters are worth it no matter what level.  

Hope this guide helped you get started in the Jade Bot!