Sisters of Parvos

Sisters of Parvos is a pretty cool content release, with a Corpus version of the Grineer Lich, some reworks of these fights, new weapons, a new Warframe, new dojo room, and our first Legendary rank! Let me do a brief overview of what is in this update and some details on a few things.

 Sisters of Parvos weapons:
  • -Tenet Envoy
  • -Tenet Diplos
  • -Tenet Spirex
  • -Tenet Tetra
  • -Tenet Flux Rifle
  • -Tenet Arca Plasmor
  • -Tenet Cycron
  • -Tenet Detron


  • -Yareli

 New Syndicate rewards:
  • -Fashion 
  • -Emotes

 Kuva Liches weapons:
  • -Kuva Hek
  • -Kuva Zarr
  • -Kuva Grattler

 Railjack changes:
  • -Final fight for Sisters and Liches
  • -Ticker's Elite Crewmates
  • -Voidstorm Corrupted Holokeys:
    • -Tenet Agendus
    • -Tenet Exec
    • -Tenet Livia
    • -Tenet Grigori

 Weapon rework:
  • -Some melee mods reduced strength
  • -Primary/secondary weapon arcane slots and Galvanized mods
  • -Arbitrations = Galvanized mods

  • -Steel Path rewards
  • -Parazon rework + mods
  • -Legendary Rank 1
  • -Helminth additions
  • -Companion changes

Sisters of Parvos

Really short backstory for this, but it does provide what is expected to come.  Parvos created a sisterhood of elite Corpus fighters, and they are not a force to trifle with.  Armed with new Corpus weapons, ephemeras, and a nifty robotic companion, let's get to the Sisters.

Your Sister will be hopping planets a lot

If you are familiar with the Kuva Liches, then you will know what to expect in these fights.  The requirements in order to generate your own Sister of Parvos are: completed The War Within, completed Call of the Tempestarii, and do not have an active Kuva Lich.  Sounds easy, right?  Well, it gets a little more complicated than that.

In order to actually generate your own Sister, you need to head over to a Corpus ship tileset.  The ones in the Railjack do not count.  Once you get into the mission of your choosing, you need to access the Granum Void via the golden hand statues.  When doing this, make sure you are using the Zenith Crown.  The Sisters will not spawn unless you do so.  Go into the void, deal out the necessary amount of damage (base is 25 kills), then pop back out into the mission.  It doesn't matter if you succeed or not inside the Granum Void.  You just need a certain amount of kills.

Once you are out, a Sister will spawn, much like the way a Kuva Lich is created.  Dispatch her and finish the mission.  When you are back on your orbiter, you will get a notification much like the way of a Kuva Lich.  Match all 3 Requiems in order to get her to call you into the final Railjack mission.  You will notice that this mission is special.  Each player that joins the mission also has a Sister to dispatch, so be prepared for a maximum of 4 Sister fights.  End of the mission rewards you the same way as a Kuva Lich.  
Look at your Railjack button

Final showdown

An interesting note to make here is that a Sister of Parvos has a robotic companion at her side.  When you defeat her, you get the fully built companion in your foundry PLUS the various parts to build another companion.  This means you can create your own companion from all of the fights with a Sister.  How cool is that?!  Once built, go visit Legs over on Fortuna to build.

These are parts to build your own little abomination <3

Yareli Warframe

The latest Warframe to join the arsenal is Yareli.  She is definitely praised by the Ventkids, and for a good reason.  I won't spoil much about the overall story behind her, but I will talk about how to go about getting her.

Email from the Ventkids
In order to even get this quest, you need Vox Solaris completed.  It's a relatively short and "painless" quest, so go ahead and work on that if you haven't done so already.  Once done, you should get an email from the Ventkids.  If you don't see the email from the Ventkids, check your Codex.  Either or, one will have it available.

If you are bad with the K-Drive, you will have a struggle getting Yareli.  She is focused all around the K-Drive experience (I mean, Ventkids love her!).  When I started this quest, I had little standing with the Ventkids, being the last thing I needed to max out standing with.  After working on getting Yareli unlocked, I'm going to tell you outright: get standing with the Ventkids.  Build your own K-Drive and get those mods on there.  You will thank me later.  Trust me.  Things would have gone much smoother for me if I had the mods and K-Drive.  

You don't even need a fancy K-Drive, just one to put mods on.  If you run into any issues doing the various tricks required for progress, hit up Youtube.  There are tons of short how-to videos of how to go about getting these tricks done.  I still struggled getting some of them mastered, but in all honesty, practice makes perfect.  Don't give up!

Final note on this.  In order to build Yareli, your dojo will need the new Ventkids Bash room.  There is no other way unless you just purchase Yareli with platinum/money from the market.

Helminth Invigoration Segment - Upgrade

One of my favorite things to happen in the game was the introduction of the Helminth that sits on your orbiter.  With this update, you can get an upgrade for it!  Head over to Son on Deimos and purchase this little upgrade.  It does cost 30K standing with the Entrati, but it will be worth it.  Go out and do a few bounties for Mother and boom, done.  It takes 24 hours to build it without dumping platinum to rush it.

Once done, go ahead and install it in the Helminth room.  You'll notice that there are 3 warframes that appear on the bottom screen.  These warframes are a weekly rotation, in which you can "invigorate" them for that time.  The invigorations are random, but they are pretty cool to use.  Especially if you are going to head into arbitrations or steel path!  It looks like it takes a small chunk of resources to perform an invigoration, when compared to a full subsumed warframe.  As of this writing, I am unsure if the metamorphosis for the Helminth stays at 3 invigorations = 1 level or not.  When you do 10 invigorations, you unlock another reward for the Helminth.  There are an additional 5 levels to the Helminth now, so get to it!

Syndicate Rewards 

New emotes and fashion have dropped into the 6 syndicates.  Each one has at least something new, so be sure to check out where your loyalties are!

Perrin Sequence

The Rest of the Updates 

As for the rest of the update, we got 3 new Kuva weapons, which you can start earning from obtaining new Kuva Liches.  Thankfully, this update did speed up the completion of a Kuva Lich hunt, but they are still longer than a Sisters of Parvos hunt.  

The rebalancing of weapons has introduced a new mod type - Galvanized.  These mods are traded with Vitus Essence to the Arbiters of Hexis.  Each one takes 20 and honestly, they are pretty good.  Be sure to hit those Arbitrations!  

Along with the weapon rebalance, Teshin has new things!  For 15 Steel Essence each, you can purchase a primary or secondary arcane adapter.  The arcanes themselves are found as as drop from Acolytes in Steel Path missions.  If you haven't finished your star chart yet, this might be a reason to do so.

Second Arcane slot found on the bottom right side

If you are one of those who miss that cute, cuddly looking kubrow BEFORE you matured it, you are in luck!  This update allows you to reverse the aging process on your companions!  It even works on the vulpapylas <3  Thankfully, it costs nothing to do the changes, and you can go back and forth quickly.  The only downside is that it unequips the companion and you cannot take it into battle.  Who would want to though?  

We got introduced to our first Legendary rank 1, the stuff that happens after you hit MR 30.  I haven't gotten that far into the game, but I'm looking forward to it.  Get to grinding Tenno!

Parazon has gotten a bunch of new mods to go out and farm for. Along with the new mods, we are introduced to a new relic type: Oull.  This is to mimic any other requiem mod, so this is pretty important.  I got one in my mail, so maybe you did too.  Finally, we got a new toy to add to the gear wheel: Requiem Ultimatum.  This basically calls upon your Kuva Lich or Sister of Parvos to come out for a fight.  It took mine a bit of time to actually show up, but she still did in the end.  Make sure to equip it!

For the Railjack, Ticker now has stronger crew members for hire.  All you need to do is have Command at rank 10, head over to Ticker, and shop.  

Finally, the big woah moment for this update: Tenet melee weapons from The Perrin Sequence.  Yep, you heard that right.  If you go out and farm the void fissure missions with the Railjack, you have a chance or getting some corrupted holokeys.  As of this writing, it looks like 40 corrupted Holokeys will get you a Tenet weapon from Ergo Glast.  These rotate weekly, so be sure to save up!  

As always, happy hunting, Tenno.

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