Lunar New Year in Guild Wars 2


Welcome one and all to the Lunar New Year of Tyria!  One of the best holidays from Guild Wars made it's way into Guild Wars 2 (renamed, obviously), so let's start this festival!

Crown Pavilion - Destiny's Reach

If you are unfamiliar with either the Canthan New Year from Guild Wars or previous Lunar New Years in Guild Wars 2, let's change that. Head over to Divinity's Reach for all the fun activities this holiday has to offer. As you can see via the map, 98% of the holiday NPCs are located within the Crown Pavilion. Check out the sections below to see what each activity has to offer.

Dragon Ball

If you want to throw fire at other players, but don't main an Elementalist (or other professions at this point that deal with fire), then you should try out the Dragonball Arena. This PvP style match is where 2 teams fight, with the winning team reaching 500 points first. You only start out with 1 skill, with the option to pick up more skills while running around. If you die, you lose all of those extra skills and start off with the first skill again. You do not regen health, so finding big or small blue orbs on the ground is key to surviving long. Be careful though, these orbs (both fire and health) are based on a first come first serve basis. If a teammate or enemy reach that orb first, it's gone. In the end, don't die, kill the baddies, and win.

Additional fire skill orb

Celestial Challenge

This event is like a mixed bag of mini events held in series.  There are a total of 12, in which you need to read the name and see what is on the map.  The order is randomized, and honestly just see what others are doing if you are lost and confused.  At the conclusion of each round, there is a "winner" of who did the most of whatever the object of the game was.  Mounts are disabled, gliders are usable, and each event gives you an additional skill to use.  At the end, make sure to open all the chests (as many as you can) as well as the big chest.  If you want to know exactly what happens in each event, check out the wiki link below.  

Race Adventure - Firecracker Lightning

You can find the firecrackers by looking for yellow beams of light and yellow flags

This adventure has 2 versions, both are equally fun.  In case you were wondering the difference between the 2 versions, it's the location of the firecrackers.  Both have the same time limit and numbers of firecrackers that need to be set off.  Luckily, you only need to get nearby them to set them off!  Some type of flying mount proves to be beneficial in the quick completion of these adventures.  If you are still needing a Skyscale mount, be sure to check out my guide for that!

Celestial Pig

If you feel generous, go ahead and feed these little pigs.  Feeding them will work towards a seasonal achievement, New Year's Benevolence.  Plus, they make cute oink sounds when fed!

Mount Race - Racing in the New Year

Probably one of the longest mount races in game, this will surely make you think of speed strategy.  Between the long paths and narrow passages with sharp turns, getting first in the race will be a true victory.  Talk to the NPC to practice this race map, which takes you all over Divinity's Reach!  If you can easily switch mounts, that might be the ideal way to go.  If not, just use what you ride best.  Finally, if you don't own a mount, you can rent one for 10 silver.  For you achievement hunters, completing the race on foot has a special achievement.  Happy racing!