Canthan New Year in Guild Wars

Welcome to the Canthan New Year!  Per the usual, let's go over what goes on for all you adventurers during this amazing holiday.

Loot drops:

  • Bottle of Rice Wine

  • Bottle Rocket

  • Champagne Popper

  • Lunar Token

  • Red Bean Cake

  • Red Gift Bag

  • Sparkler

  • Sugary Blue Drink

In order to get the cosmetic, you will have to attend the finale.  Luckily, once you get it, you can always reacquire it from the Festival Hat maker.  One of the many reasons to not forget!  Also, you can dye it various colors!

If the Lion Mask wasn't enough to convince you to attend the finale, the additional Red Gift Bags, Crates of Fireworks, and at least a Celestial Summoning Stone should spur you're interests.  Want to attend?  Find the area with the Chefs in Shing Jea Monastery.  Be sure to have the various ingredients available for them to cook, thus giving you the rewards.

As for the ingredients:
  • -Imperial Chef Yan (Appetizers)
    • -Iridescent Griffon Wing
    • -Tangled Seed
    • -Fiery Crest
    • -Smoking Remains
  • -Imperial Chef Reun (Salad)
    • -Alpine Seed
    • -Guardian Moss
    • -Celestial Essence
    • -Dragon Root
  • -Imperial Chef Jiong (Soup)
    • -Archaic Kappa Shell
    • -Mantis Pincer
    • -Kraken Eye
    • -Naga Hide
  • -Imperial Chef Chen (Main Course)
    • -Igneous Spider Leg
    • -Ebon Spider Leg
    • -Bonesnap Shell
    • -Azure Crest
    • -Unctuous Remains
  • -Imperial Chef Tian (Dessert)
    • -Truffle
    • -Ebon Spider Web
    • -Half-Eaten Blob
    • -Azure Remains
    • -Icy Lodestone
At least 1 successful dish needs to make it out for the Lion Mask, Red Gift Bags, and Celestial Summoning Sone.  If you want to get the Crates of Fireworks, then 5 successful dishes need to make it out.  Get to farming!

Holiday Quests:
  • -Hapless Chong (Sunqua Vale)
    • -Just My Luck
  • -Coordinator Tahyaa (Shing Jea Monastery)
    • -Fire in the Sky
    • -The Big Bang
  • -Hai Len (Shing Jea Monastery)
    • -Hopeless Romantic
  • -Ikura (Shing Jea Monastery)
    • -Take My Sister, Please
  • -Johai Sohn (Shing Jea Monastery)
    • -The Knights Who Say Nian
  • -Elder Nofuun (Plains of Jarin)
    • -Douse Your Enthusiasm
  • -Fehj (Plains of Jarin)
    • -A Burning Desire

Some returning events come back during the Canthan New Year: Shing Jea Boardwalk, Dragon Arena, and Rollerbeetle Racing.  I included some pictures to help veterans remember what each one is like.

Shing Jea Boardwalk (requires Festival Tokens to play)

Dragon Arena (solo que - might take some time to get in)

Rollerbeetle Racing (solo que - usually not a long wait time)

After doing several quests or participation in the above events, you will end up earning some tokens. Luckily, there are several NPCs that are willing to trade those tokens for items. Honestly, look around in major places. You can also consult the wiki link down below.
One particular item that really enjoy using is the Lunar Fortune.  These little things are only used in explorable areas, and grant a blessing or item.  These are also the only way to earn the Celestial Mini pets, so go get grinding to earn a lot of these!

In case you don't feel like grinding out countless Lunar Tokens, but still want the year's Celestial Mini pet, just do the quest Take My Sister, Please from Ikura.  Upon completion, you receive a token for the current year's mini.

References: - Official Guild Wars website about Canthan New Year