Underwater Skimmer Mount Collection

Here we go!  Finally, we get the Skimmer mount to go underwater and man, is it fun!  Luckily, this short collection takes no time at all to finish, so let's start it up.

In game mail for skimmer mount collection
You should get an in game mail for the start of this entire situation.  In case you didn't, head to the Skimmer Ranch Waypoint [&BGcKAAA=] and talk to Ardra.  Hint, she's the NPC with the heart over her head :)  Once you get that started, you should have the beginnings of the collection started.  

Watch the slideshow below for the various steps and locations of where to go exactly.  Make sure to pay attention to what I typed out because if not, you will be doing a few steps several times before completing it!  This is not good D:  This entire collection took me about an hour to finish, but I'm sure it can be done a lot faster since you're not taking pictures and editing them for a guide :)

Beginning of the collection
As you can tell, you can't do things out of order.  This is an important thing to note because for a few steps in this collection, you HAVE to talk to the NPC first, THEN do an event, THEN talk to that NPC again.  If you don't initiate that talk first, then do the event, it won't count.  Save yourself the headache and hassle - just talk to the NPC first.

  1. 1. Skimmer Ranch Waypoint [&BGcKAAA=]
  2. 2. Amnoon Waypoint [&BLsKAAA=]
  3. 3. Brightwater Waypoint [&BJEKAAA=]
  4. 4. Trader's Forum Waypoint [&BBAEAAA=]
  5. 5. Watchful Waypoint [&BH0CAAA=]
  6. 6. Murmur Waypoint [&BK8CAAA=]
  7. 7. Oxbow Isle Waypoint [&BNECAAA=]
Sibaha's final location
Once you have all of that out of the way, congrats!  We are almost there, so head back to LA, over at Guild Bluff Waypoint [&BA0EAAA=].  Speak to Sibaha and she will open up a race.  As long as you earn Silver or better, you finished the collection.  

If you wish to use the Skimmer mount underwater, I wish I could say you're there.  Unfortunately, if you want to utilize the mount underwater, you need to get some PoF Mastery points.  Don't worry too much though, there are plenty of Mastery points around that you can dump into this!  Congratulations on getting your Underwater Skimmer Mount!