Jahai Bluffs Meta

Jahai Bluffs is the map where you can do some farming for Volatile Magic, Mistonium, and if you plan to get Memorabilia.

Bounty Board

The only Bounty Board in this map can be found south of Yatendi Village Waypoint [&BH4LAAA=] in Kodonur Temple. 

Bounty Board

  • Angry Pet Rock
  • Badly Confused Ettin
  • Weapons 
  • Wyverns

Bounty Locations

There are 3 main meta event chains that occur in Jahai Bluffs, 1 of them being the Main main event (the one that shows up on the world timer).  I'll be breaking them down into sections below. 

Dangerous Prey

Dangerous Prey is the MAIN main event that I'll cover first.  You can track it with the world event timer (see the references section at the end of this guide) to see when it starts or where it's at in regards to progression.  There are 4 events:

  1. Find food in the garrison for hungry Awakened before they eat the wurms
  2. Protect the junundu from the invading Branded
  3. Escort the DERVs to the Shatterer Trenches
  4. Destroy the Death-Branded Shatterer

Find Food in the Garrison...

From Soul's Vendetta Waypoint [&BIMLAAA=], head east and a little south towards Wurmhaven.  This event pops about the same time as the Escort the DERVs does.  What you need to do is ideally go in on a mount, pick up as many bone pulp dishes as possible, then feed the various wurms outside.  Since this meta isn't super popular like it once was, feeding the hungry Awakened at Baron Wurmsworth and Lucille the Fastidious would probably be best (or the closest wurms by the entrance of the garrison).  After running the event Destroy the Death-Branded Shatterer, I can attest that the wurms DO make a difference, even if just 1 survives.  

Location of food in Garrison and a Wurm

Protect the Junundu...

Once the wurm(s) survive the hungry Awakened, you will need to protect them from the emerging Branded that are leaving the garrison (where you gathered the bone pulp).  Not quite sure if there is a way to speed this particular event up, but you need to dispatch enough Branded to satisfy the death toll bar (the default orange progress bar for any and all events).  Once this is done, you might have enough time to catch up with the DERVs before they arrive at their final destination.

Defend the Wurm(s) from incoming Brande

Escort the DERVs...

This mission starts at Soul's Vendetta Waypoint [&BIMLAAA=].  There are a total of 4 DERVs that need escorting on a semi-long path.  Be sure that at least 1 makes it or else the event fails.  If the event fails, no DERVs for the extra power (much like the wurms in the above steps).  I have no idea what the fight for the Death-Branded Shatterer is like without the DERVs since it is the default event that generally succeeds.  

Red line marks the entire path of DERVs, top right pic is the start of event, bottom right is DERV NPCs

Destroy the Death-Branded Shatterer

Finally, the meta map activity: destroy the Death-Branded Shatterer.  If you are familiar with the original Shatterer fight, this has a decent amount of similarities in mechanics. For those who either haven't fought this boss or the original Shatterer OR has spent some time away from this:

  • Avoid red circles on the ground
  • Fight the various champions that pop up once in awhile (think there are a total of 3 times)
  • Close and ranged combat are both pretty acceptable in this fight
  • Locate banners and/or food (usually a lot of people show up for this so someone(s) are bound to drop them.  I wanted to mention that there are a LOT of enemies that pop up here, including the champions and the legendary boss so get that loot!)


Death-Branded Shatterer boss fight and the final statue to collect loot

Once the Death-Branded Shatterer is defeated, you'll either get the loot auto-deposited into your inventory or you'll have to go touch the statue.  Congrats on defeating the main boss!

The Ancestor Tree

The second meta chain in Jahai Bluffs is The Ancestor Tree.  The only reason for participating in this meta seems to be for the achievements related to The Convergence of Sorrow II: Requiem.  Past that, no idea what the purpose of this small meta is intended for (poor rewards for experience, karma, and coin).  This one is located in the same region as Dangerous Prey (the first meta event chain I covered here).  This one is fairly easy to partake in with others, given that it is constantly going on in some step of the chain (changes every 10 minutes):

  1. Find the djinn vessel before the Brandstorm overwhelms the area
  2. Prevent Brand energy from overwhelming the area

NOTE: Popping a tag will probably help gathering random people to help you in completing this.

Find the Djinn Vessel...

Ever go searching for something just to get constantly interrupted?  Pretty much that.  Luckily, it only lasts for 10 minutes initially, then again at the 30 minute mark.  You will need to look in every single Djinn vessel that you come across in order to get this completed.  Thankfully there's only 15 vessels and you get a total of 3 minutes to do it.  If you manage to hit this event post initial 3 minutes, the rest of the time is basically filler.  NOTE:  I had a really hard time completing this solo due to the enemies interrupting me.  Hopefully you have friends or perhaps other randoms show up and participate in this. 

Vessels to interact with

Prevent Brand Energy...

This one can be confusing at first.  This happens at the 10 minute and 40 minute marker (follows Finding the Djinn Vessel).  You need to dispatch Brand energy in forms of Brand crystals before the bar is full.  Basically, don't let the bar get filled or else it's a fail.  The crystals will appear at random and you just gotta destroy them as you go.  Yet again, this one, in my opinion, requires more than 1 person participating.  Be prepared for a lot of enemy activity.

What a Brand Crystal looks like


Hunt the Hunter

The third meta chain here in Jahai Bluffs is Hunt the Hunter.  This one is located more in the central area of the map.  

  1. Collect and deliver lost supplies to Second Spear Koja
  2. Collect and deliver lost supplies to Second Spear Nimani
  3. Gather dolyak meat to use as bait for the Branded Hydra
  4. Defeat the champion Branded hydra terrorizing supply routes

Collect and Deliver...Koja/Nimani

Collecting and delivering lost supplies to the Second Spears occurs at the same time, right next to one another.  When doing this stage of the meta, it doesn't matter which supply you pick up and deliver to whom - all supplies work for either Koja or Nimani BUT both need to have the supply bar filled before the next stage.  Be sure to have a sturdy build because the random enemies in the area WILL destroy you fast if not careful.

Duo NPC areas | Supplies to pick up | One of the NPCs for the supplies

Gather Dolyak Meat...

After getting the supplies fulfilled, you are tasked with retrieving dead dolyak meat.  This is pretty much in the same exact location as the supplies previously.  Same rules apply as the previous event step - have a sturdy build for the enemies that are everywhere here.  

Dolyak meat area | Dolyak meat to pick up | Dolayk meat pile in red circle

Defeat the Champion Branded Hydra...

Following the conclusion of gathering and depositing the dolyak meat, the champion Branded Hydra comes out.  Nothing really worth mentioning about this fight besides the fact it is a hydra, therefore heads do wander around on the ground if they manage to dislodge from the main body.   

Branded Hydra boss