Grothmar Valley Meta

Grothmar Valley is probably one of the most exciting maps I've been on for a while.  The reason I say this is because of the sheer mass mayhem that happens! Overall, the Ceremony of the Sacred Flame is pretty legit in activities. Check down below for all of the various meta events that occur.

A Concert for the Ages

Probably one of the more notably entertaining events in the map, the Charr hold a metal concert for all players!  Head over to [&BPgLAAA=] and head northeast into the big crystal mountain.  During the concert, a lot of things go wrong and it is up to us to fix it.  Everything seems to be going well during the concert until the finale, where we have to fight a prop that comes to life :D  Below is just a sampling of what all types of activities you can do while at the concert.  Be sure to do as many as possible to get higher rewards and to get the bars filled!

Mosh pit jumping

Run the perimeter 

Pump up the crowd 

Various emotes pop up (remember to /emote for this) 
Cover for injured dancers (there is a selection of dance moves that show up in the utility skill bar) 
The finale deals with defeating the prop in the back of the stage 

Be sure to check the overall concert progress!  Ideally, you want to have everything maxed out for the best rewards in the end.
This goes up to 400%


If this map had to have a frustrating event, it's this one for sure.  The first and final parts are not too bad, but if you are with a bunch of selfish players then the middle will suck for sure.  Let's get down to it and head to the Flame Legion Camp, west of [&BA4MAAA=].

You start off with defeating a champion fire elemental.  After it's dispatched, you are tasked with grabbing a torch, lighting it in the brazier, then running it to the next brazier.  Sounds easy enough, but what happens during this is that your torch loses it's flame over time.  You barely have time to get from the initial brazier to the 2nd.  Usually this gets done with enough players attending within an appropriate time limit.  What sucks is the next part.  You have to carry that flame in double the distance as the first, to the 3rd brazier.  If you are playing with a bunch of selfish players, the struggle is going to be real.  Make an effort to spam #1 (rush), then either press #2 (tosses torch on ground, rending you torchless but others with an UNLIT torch can light up) or #3 (extinguishes your lit torch, allowing for you to relight it with someone else's #2).  It can be pretty hard to do the first few times, but eventually you'll get it.  Don't give up!

Red is torch health; yellow is picking up torch

1st brazier lit

Finale of Effigy event
When the final brazier is lit, the finale of this event starts up.  You can either light up the effigy with your lit torch (you can relight it with that last brazier you lit), or you can attack it.  Either way, it's damaging the effigy.  If you are melee, position yourself between the legs to do double hits.  If you get lifted up into the air by the fire tornadoes, don't worry.  Sure, you are set on fire but you also get a special action skill that you can dish out on the effigy.  During this time, you might have champions spawn in the area.  Get that extra loot!

Doomlore Shrine

Shaman NPC
This event is pretty quick, depending how many players are around and how fast you can DPS things. It starts over at Rally Pavilion, with a Shaman that needs escorting to the Doomlore Shrine. Start there, then as you head east, towards [&BA4MAAA=], you gotta defend the NPC from various enemies that pop up. Once you get to the destination at Doomlore Shrine, you need to defend him while he performs the ritual. This ritual summons Murakai, Doomlore's Bane. Defeat Murakai then boom, you're done.

Murakai fight

Ooze Pits

This is a crazy ooze murder spree if I ever saw one.  Concept of this place is to fight ooze.  Makes sense since this is the Ooze Pits after all.  What happens during this though, is that bigger oozes show up, including a champion.  Start at [&BPgLAAA=] and head a little southwest.  It's pretty much right at the waypoint, just go inside the Ooze Pit area.

Stand in these circles when you need to shut the vent lids.  This happens often during this event.

When you see symbols on the ground and on the oozes themselves, you need to match the symbols/colors.  To do this, you need to stand in a corresponding circles for a certain amount of time, then you can attack the same colored ooze.

This entire event can either take a really long time to complete, or it can go by quickly.  Just make sure you are paying attention to what is going on, or else you might be wasting time attacking an ooze that is immune.

If you've noticed these icons around on the map, they are a resource node called Hatched Chili Pepper Bush.  These are great, but be careful of random pop up enemies while harvesting.