Festival of the Four Winds

The Festival of the Four Winds has returned!  If you're not familiar with this holiday event, keep reading to see what goes on during this festival! 
NOTE: Updated as of July 2023.

Labyrinthine Cliffs

Probably the first of the 3 places to visit during this event.  You can think of this place as a giant bazaar with a bunch of vendors selling things.  There is honestly way too much to list here, but let's just say it's a great place to stock up on your cooking craft materials and to play RNG on loot boxes.

How do you get there?  Well, you can enter via Lion's Arch (or any other major city), via the invitation you received in your mail, or via the Crown Pavilion.  Once you arrive at the Bazaar Docks
[&BBwHAAA=], you are greeted by a lot of NPC merchants on the docks.  As you traverse your way upwards in these cliffs, you'll encounter several more merchants.  If you are in the market for any kind of item, I'd seriously hit up each and every merchant possible.  In case you are in need of a particular type of mount (and don't have it), you can rent 1 for some in game currency.  Just look for the mount rental icons on the map.

So many merchants

Now, besides shopping for crafting materials or gambling away your other crafting materials on loot boxes, there are a few events that occur.  There is a Treasure Hunt, where loot bags appear anywhere and everywhere.  Your job is to collect as many possible!  This event is known to take a few rounds before finishing, as long as the collected loot bag quota is met.  Afterwards, you can either trade the loot bags in the the NPC OR you can consume them for experience.  Great way to level up your characters quickly!  An event that happens shortly after all 3 rounds are completed is basically throwing water balloons at a flame effigy.  You can reach this by going to the Sky Docks Waypoint
[&BB0HAAA=], picking up a water balloon from the numerous baskets, then tossing it at the effigy.

Loot bags everywhere

Loot bag vendor

Loot bag in inventory
You can find the vendor for the loot bags west of the main docks.  The landing ship is seen behind the NPC in the above picture.

There are a LOT of races that happen in here.  Remember that when a race isn't active you can still do time trial tests for practice!
  • Skimmer Race (Skimmer Slalom)
    • Head to the Skimmer Slalom Time Trial NPC on the map.  You can see the Adventure icon just southwest of the Sky Docks waypoint [&BB0HAAA=]If you don't have the Skimmer mount yet, that's fine.  You can just rent one from the NPC.
  • Griffon Race (Griffon Adventures)
    • This one is actually up top with the Sky Docks waypoint [&BB0HAAA=] and it is the Griffon race.  Teleport to the waypoint, head south on the rope bridge, then get up top of the dirigible.   Same as other mount races - you can rent.
  • Dolyak Race (Flying Dolyak)
    • When you get to the Labyrinthian Cliffs, head to the Bazaar Docks [&BBwHAAA=] and step onto land.  You'll see a Time Trial NPC right as you get there.  You are transformed into a Dolyak calf and you are left to your own devices as to finishing the race.  Luckily, you can acquire the aspect skills from the various crystals to utilize.  Obviously, finishing the race is important, so don't worry if you don't succeed the first time (or more).
  • Boat Race (Labyrinthine Skiffs)
    • The furthest southeast Adventure icon NPC will be the Labyrinthine Skiffs race.  Head there from either Bazaar Docks or Sky Docks waypoint.  It was a bit wonky for me to actually get the time trial started, but once it gets going, it's pretty fun.
  • Character Race (Sanctum Sprint)
    • To get to this race, you'll need to speak to the Zephyrite NPC labeled Sanctum Sprint.  You can find them up top, just north of the Sky Docks waypoint [&BB0HAAA=] (underneath some tents on the cliff edge).  You'll get teleported to another zone and it's like Mario Kart.
Happy racing!

Sun Crystal that you may see around the area.  Be sure to look for the Wind and Lightning Crystals too!

The skills you receive with the Aspect Crystals

Besides the races, you can participate in the Aspect Arena, Crystal Collection, and the Fishing Tournament.  To access the Aspect Arena, head to
the Sky Docks waypoint [&BB0HAAA=] and head underneath the tents just north of it.  You'll be looking for the Aspect Arena Zephyrite NPC.  Speaking to them will teleport you to a 5 v 5 area.  As for the Crystal Collection, you'll need to head halfway up the maze of buildings to find Lumen.  She's and Adventure NPC that asks you to find a bunch of hidden crystals, utilizing various mounts.  Finally, the Fishing Tournament occurs once every 2 hours (Treasure Hunt occupies the other slot).  You can sign up for the tournament at the NPC found on an island, just southwest of the Griffon Race. 

Be sure to hit these nodes when you spot them!

Queen's Gauntlet

This is going to be short.  The Queen's Gauntlet is where you go to fight an NPC 1 on 1.  Each one has different abilities and I highly recommend you look at the wiki link at the bottom of this post to help you out.  These NPCs can either make or break you in mind and spirit, so come prepared.

In order to access this, you enter the Crown Pavilion
 [&BB8HAAA=] and follow one of the many ramps upwards.  You'll see a ring around the top, with various platforms.  Those platforms are the battlegrounds.  Speak to the Ringmaster to get put into queue.  When it's your turn, do your best!

Crown Pavilion

Welcome to the Rumble in the Jungle (okay, not really but it feels like it).  This area is basically just a full on assault on the various enemies that spawn.  In order to access this place, head over to [&BB8HAAA=] and either jump into the giant hole (where the enormous eagle is) or you an enter via the portal behind this waypoint.

The main event is the Boss Blitz, where you have 6 bosses to defeat in a certain time frame.  Okay, technically it's not timed BUT you want to kill them off fast for better loot.  There are A LOT of players here, so to ensure you actually hit enemies (including the bosses), bring something that has an AoE skill that can tag as many enemies as possible.  Get all that loot!

There is a race located here, in which it will take you through all 6 zones, full of enemies waiting to murder you and others.  Don't worry if you get dismounted, you can get back on and continue the race.