Wintersday in July

Itching for those cold winter days in game?  Fret no longer, for Wintersday in July is here!  This special event happens for 1 week only, so don't wait around to get your hands on some of the loot.

Dwayna and Grenth avatars in Droknar's Forge

What kind of loot?  Mostly consumables, but down below is a list of what drops by killing enemies in PvE:

  • Snowman Summoner

  • Mischievous Tonic

  • Frosty Tonic

  • Eggnog

  • Fruitcake

  • Candy Cane Shards

  • Wintersday Gift

 If you have a lot or even a little of the candy cane shards, you can trade 5 to a Wintersday Gift Giver. The NPC can be found in the instance of Dwayna vs Grenth snowball fight.

Another fun activity that you can participate in is the Dwayna vs Grenth snowball fight. Head over to any Wintersday Priest to access this PvP arena:
  • -Great Temple of Balthazar
  • -Ascalon City
  • -Lion's Arch
  • -Droknar's Forge
  • -Kamadan

You cannot enter with a pre-made party, so if you're trying to sync up with friends, you might end up on opposite sides.  In total, there are 4 players per side.  You and your team need to bring gifts to your God (Dwayna or Grenth) while staying safe from the 4 enemies that are trying to stop you.  First team to 5 presents wins!  Be careful though, some presents that spawn are actually fakes and will deal damage to you.  Luckily, if you die, you get to respawn and continue the battle AND no death penalty.  What are the rewards for this?
  • -100 Balthazar faction for each unique kill
  • -50 faction + 3 candy cane shards + 15 Gamer points per win
  • -50 faction for a flawless victory
  • -50 faction for 5 consecutive wins
Snowball Fight Skills

Some pointers for this:
  • -Don't focus on killing the enemies, always focus on getting the presents to your deity.  
  • -Be wary of easy kills.  Sometime it's easier for the enemy to respawn for an advantage.  
  • -Get familiar with the skills!
  • -Body blocking is a thing.
  • -Don't stop on the river.  You will get the environmental effect called Icy Ground.  
  • -Depending on what profession you play, 2 skills are affected.  Look at the wiki for ideas