Dragon Bash Events

I plan to use this guide as a general reference to the annual Dragonbash event that occurs in Hoelbrak.  As things change, I will do my best to stay up to date on the events!  So, what does this event entail?  It's pretty simple and fun.
Areas in red circles are the Adventures
  • -Bash Pinatas
  • -Arena Survival
  • -Rollerbeetle racing
  • -Hologram Stampede

Bashing Pinatas

Pinata that needs bashing

This is a pretty easy thing to do.  You can either find the pinatas around Hoelbrak and smash them for some Pieces of Zhaitaffy or you can do the timed event of Pinata Bashing.  Whichever you choose to do, it consists of you finding a pinata, then bashing it. 

If you elect to do the timed event, it's just like every other Adventure in the world.  Talk to the NPC and you are then given the needed items to participate in the event.  In this case, it is a hammer and big yellow beacons of light.
Bashing pinatas can be tricky
All of the glowing pillars!

Arena Survival

This is yet another Adventure offered during the Dragonbash event.  For this one, you enter with others or solo with the intent to kill the hologram enemies.  This is a never ending Adventure, so once you're done with your bloodlust, you can leave.  There are several types of holographic enemies that spawn, along with some champions.

Solo or with buddies
Gotta kill them all

Rollerbeetle Racing

You can practice the race when it is not running

Probably one of the better events to do during this celebration that also carried over from the original Guild Wars.  With this Adventure, you are basically participating in a race!  You don't necessarily need to have a mount ready - there are rentals available for 10 silver.  Upon entering the race, all you gotta do is try to be the fastest.  Don't fret about not winning though, you still get achievements if you just finish it.

Raptor and Rollerbeetle rentals
Bubble domes that you need to hit when racing

Hologram Stampede

Where the next Stampede happens
This is probably one of the more bloodthirsty events during Dragonbash.  On your screen, you should see something that looks like the image to the right.  All you have to do is get to that map and wait for the timer to go ding ding ding (okay not really but you get the gist).  This event occurs in Wayfarer Foothills, Dredgehaunt Cliffs, Lornar's Pass, and Snowden Drifts.  When the event starts, you will see little icons pop up on the mini map and full map, indicating where to go for the events.  Best to have a fast mount for this because you will be running a lot and people will clear the area faster than you think.

Activate the device
All the active areas

Happy Dragonbashing!