The Deadlock Protocol

With the latest Warframe introduced, the corpus ship reworks, and the latest story line, no wonder people are coming back to the game!  This post will be about what's new in the game and a look at all the fancy stuff.  This is what we can get our hands on:

 Xoris Glaive - Melee / Story Use 
 Velox - Side Arm / Secondary 
 Stahlta - Automatic Rifle / Primary 
 Stropha - Melee 
 Protea - Warframe 
 4 new Kitgun Primaries 
 Nychus Moa 

The Deadlock Protocol

This story is pretty cool.  It gives you a look into the origination of the Corpus and of our annoying friend, Nef Anyo.  I don't want to go into a lot of details because spoilers.  It isn't too long of a story either, but it's pretty good!  At the end of the story, you have to fight the latest Warframe.

3 Golden dots on the right mean you can detonate!
When fighting Protea, you need to charge the Glaive.  To do this, you throw it at the floating enemies and once you hit 3, it's charged.  You can see this with the little indicator.  Next up is fighting Protea herself.  This fight is going to possibly frustrate you at first, so let's see if I can help with that.

You need to "defeat" her a total of 4 times.  When you get her down to a certain percent, she will start to rewind time, giving herself full bars.  During her rewind, you'll notice that there are golden after images of her.  During this time, you need to launch the Glaive towards her and detonate it.  

Once defeated, you run like hell out of the ship and boom, you finished the story line.  The reward is the Protea blueprint and the rest of Protea parts will start dropping.  Her neuroptics, chassis, and systems can be found in the missions I list below.  Sure, you can go to other places to farm, but see below.

Protea and Weapon Farming

In order to get Protea parts to drop, you MUST finish The Deadlock Protocol story.  Upon completion, you are rewarded her blueprint.  To find the rest of her parts, you need to farm the new Corpus tilesets and get the Crowns (look for Corpus Ship tilesets).  Crowns are items dropped from some weird guy that looks like he's lost and confused.  This is the Treasurer.  Once you dispatch that enemy, pick up the Crown and head towards one of the large hands located on the ship (just like you did for the story).  

Look for these pyramids! They help your time!
This is going to be a grind, just like some other Warframes (Wisp, Nidus, Khora, Gauss, etc) and weapons.  Don't get distraught if you keep going for parts and they're not dropping.  My method for this was to get at least 1 Crown, then start a mission.  When you are in the mission, finish the objective first.  If the Treasurer hasn't shown up yet, you can enter one of the hand idols using one of the already obtained Crowns.  If doing a rescue, the captive comes with you into the Granum.  Once you are done and exited, the Treasurer can still show up.  Be careful: sometimes the Treasurer can show up while you are in the Granum!  When you are finished getting all of the parts, this remaining Crowns can be used to rescue the Solaris people being held captive or you can insert it into random statues throughout the ship.  By doing so, you can see more lore or earn Fortuna standing.  Best missions I found for these were:
  • -Roche and Monolith - Phobos - Granum Crown
  • -Triton - Neptune - Exemplar Granum Crown
  • -Hydra - Pluto - Zenith Granum Crown
My reasoning for these choices is that they are Corpus ships (the new tileset where these Crowns drop) and that they are relatively fast to complete.  I highly recommend you take at least 1 other person when doing Granum farming because it goes by faster and it is harder to fail.  The fight will scale upwards with how many people enter with you, but that's just how it is.
Be sure to kill the required amount of Errant Specters for the chance of a Protea piece to drop.  If you don't, it won't drop.  Period.  Be sure to check out the Granum Void location link in the references down below for where to go for what part.

New Corpus Look

Here are some screenshots of the revamped Corpus ships.  They honestly look REALLY GOOD!  What are some of your favorite new looks?

Happy hunting.