Bjora Marches Meta

This map is THE place to go for farming currencies to get the Skyscale mount.  Do the meta events and hit the chests that are found throughout the map.  You'll get Eternal Ice Shards, in which you talk to the merchants for other map currencies.  By doing this, you'll get those stacks faster instead of farming the actual maps for those particular currencies.

Drakkar and Spirits of the Wild

The first part starts out at Still Waters Speaking Waypoint [&BEUMAAA=], where you follow Jhavi down a path.  You will encounter 3 portal groups as Jhavi progresses down the path.  When fighting the portals, enemies will continue to come out of them until they are closed.  

Once you reach the first open area, you will have to fight Drakkar AND do enough damage (~80%) in order to push the Champion further into the ice.  When doing this first encounter, you really should look at the ground for AoEs from Drakkar.  While Jhavi opens the way, you will have to defeat some spawns: 3 groups of each colored portal and then 3 elites.  Dispatch these and proceed down the newly opened tunnel.

In the next cave, you have to rinse and repeat what you did in the previous cave.  Once Drakkar reaches 60% health, Jhavi creates a big Raven barrier around herself while Drakkar attempts to attack.  Stacking inside the barrier is wise and dealing out crowd control (cc) skills towards the claws is a must.  

After Drakkar's bar is gone, a portal opens up for the first of 3 Champions to be defeated.  Only a certain amount of players can enter this barrier before being rejected.  At least 1 player needs to have Raven's Flight in order to activate the portal.  The Champion Fallen Pineshade is easily defeated by using DPS and getting the giant green AoE ice orbs that drop.  Once defeated, exit the room and rejoin the rest of the players for the next rotation of Drakkar. 


Ice Orb that is dropping

If unable to join the portal group, you stay outside and fight the enemies that spawn.  

This phase happens again once Drakkar hits 40% and 20% in health.  Given that each phase is a color faction (red, green, blue respectively), corresponding essence manipulations work pretty well.  Just at the Ox portal opened, presenting a Champion Fallen Pineshade to be defeated, the green portal is for a Champion Boneskinner while the blue portal is for a Champion Svanir Tyrant.  Each time these phases are complete, Drakkar's attacks increase in speed and damage output.

When unable to enter a portal
When unable to open a portal

Once Drakkar has been defeated, congratulate yourself!  It can be a really tough battle, but as long as you have a lot of other people attending, you should be fine.  Luckily, if you miss the event, it reoccurs every hour.  Not to mention, the end reward is pretty nice.

Some notes to mention here: mesmer portals for the gates can be a good thing AND a bad thing.  Sometimes the groups that get into these portals don't dish out enough DPS in which a mesmer portal can help get the DPS people in.  On the flipside of this, doing this means the fights scale up with the increased players.  Use wisely.  

Raven Shrines and Storms of Winter

This event starts soon after Drakkar's event finishes.  The amount of time allows you to grab a drink, use the bathroom, etc.  Players are tasked to build up defenses for the 3 Raven shrines outside Jora's Keep [&BCcMAAA=] 

Hammer box locations
You can find a box of hammers in the area, in which you go to a shrine and build up defenses (arrow carts for example).  Once this is done, you need to defend the shrines.  

Shrine that needs defending

Think of each shrine as a capture zone.  Don't let the enemies overwhelm a shrine because then we lose it.  You will see Svanir Bombers going to the shrine to place down a bomb.  Just ignore them.  You read that right.  Ignore the bombers because they don't actually do any damage to the shrine, just the players.  Instead, divert your attention to all the OTHER enemies.  

After this phase is over, the next part is where you need to destroy the Corrupted Ice nodes on the 3 shrines.  Along with this, each shrine has a total of 3 enemy ballistae that need to be destroyed as well.  Defeating all 12 objectives will conclude this phase and start the final phase.

Corrupted Ice node on Raven Shrine
Location of the 3 ballista areas

The Icebrood Construct is a BIG enemy that casually walks towards Jora's Keep [&BCcMAAA=].  In order to stop it, you have to apply several chains to slow it down to a halt.  Once enough chains are applied, the construct collapses and you DPS the hell out of it.  Don't let it reach the keep or else you fail the event, thus having a blizzard on the entire map for 20 minutes.

Chains from the cliff

Down state Icebrood Construct

Icebrood Champion

This is more like a victory event in my opinion.  If the previous event was a success, this happens.  The entrance to Asgeir's Legacy opens up, showing 4 champions that need to be dispatched.  If that wasn't enough to lure you to the area, there are several chests, mining nodes, a mastery point, and a raven gate for more chests.  The 4 champions will have randomized bounty effects, so proceed with caution.  

The most important resource node on this map is the Eternal Ice Shard.  Make sure to hit these as you find them.  This is especially important if you are working on your Skyscale mount!