You're probably wondering where this website idea came from since there are others out there like it.  I would be lying if I said you were wrong.  There are other sites out there, but they don't cover as much detail as I do.  For me, I started this in 2018 and some of these games came out a while ago.  Websites might not keep up to date on the newest trends.  I want to help out with that.

Most of what is here are my observations and my own research.  From time to time, I do accept help from others in order to finish a post.  I do enjoy taking credit in what I provide and do.  If there is anything that is wrong, please let me know.  One thing I don't want to provide is wrong information!

You will never have to worry about seeing ads on anything I ever do.  I don't like being bombarded by them when I visit places, why should you.  I do accept any and all donations though!  Since these guides are made on my free/available time, I try my best to get them out as quick as possible.  If you are wanting to contact me for a business inquiry, feel free to send me an email: cheshire (at) deuterio (dot) net!

My goals: 
  • Honestly just people to use these guides and share like crazy.
  • To get a working relation as a content creator for the games I make these guides for.
I am a Humble Bundle Partner!  When you click this link, it'll help a lot of people out :)  If you don't know what Humble Bundle is, it is a program that supports various charities while providing content to those who support (aka you).  You can get some seriously good deals on games this way and you get to keep them forever.  How cool is that???

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